Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm back...

I apologize for the super duper "blog block".  It has been really busy and hard for me to even get on and write.  But there is a lot to share and write about.  
I'll start with last Thursdays Celebration/Staff meeting.  It was great to hear from Pastor Troy, as always, as he shared about the Easter weekend and our Ethos.  He had everyone in the room stand up and share their name, where they were serving, and what their expectations for the weekend were.  I was so nervous.  I think I was most nervous because I didn't know what to expect- and everyone just had such honest, heart-felt answers.  When I stood up, I really felt like crying and vomiting.  Eeek!  I shared that I was just excited to serve in the kid's ministry and seeing what God was going to do in the families lives.  But I really have to agree with my friend Beverly, in which she said she was just honored to be part of this family called FRC.  I am so Grateful and Honored that God would allow me to do life with so many wonderful people. 
FRC's Easter began with Doral on Good Friday at 6 pm with live teaching from Pastor Troy.  We had 28 total kids + volunteers. It was so fun and great.  Saturday Heredes and I enjoyed sitting through the service.  It was a great teaching, worship was great, and the choir- wow!  At our 6:30 pm service people stood with hands raised during the choir special.  I can still see our new Hallandale campus pastor, Chris, being the first one standing with raised hands.  Awesome! 
Sunday, my volunteer and friend Connie and I drove to Dania (actually Ft. Lauderdale Beach- woops) beach to see one little girl get baptized, one of our kids mom get baptized, and see our friend's mom and friend get baptized. I know that for Mayla that was a great day.  Mayla is one of our kid's volunteers and she is beautiful- inside and out.  
Back at church, we had two more little girls get baptized and had great video teaching and games.  I loved watching the kids during praise and worship. We did two great Hillsong Kids songs: Only You (or is it Lean on You) and Tell the World. (Heather you need to get all four cd's for your boys. I'll let you hear them) I saw kids jumping, singing, closing their eyes and I just got so excited.  Heredes and I finished the day serving at Cooper and going home for a nice sleep and day off the next day.  
Hopefully this post has redeemed me a bit for taking so long to update my blog.  Also, check out FRC kids new blog/podcast here.  My next post will be about the beach baptism trip me and my friend had. We got really lost. :) Thanks to the Doral kids team for making the weekend so great!  Without them, without faithful, passionate volunteers we wouldn't function to help people reach their God potential.  

Friday, March 14, 2008

What's Happening at FRC Kids...

I have really been negligent to my blog- good thing for my mom's birthday that allowed me to write something. I have really been "brain fried" on what to write, so today before the weekend is here, I wanted to update the kid's ministry informacion. :)
For the month of March we have been learning about the virtue of COURAGE. I have really enjoyed this virtue because the definition: "being brave enough to do what you should do even when you're afraid", has been like a fresh breeze of awakening to my soul. We learned about Esther and Daniel. With the definition and hearing and reading the stories again, it is like wow- am I that courageous?
This weekend we change it up a bit and all campuses will be teaching Jump Start. This is the class about salvation, baptism and all that great stuff. The cool thing is parents are invited to join their child during their service. I don't know how many parents we will have in Doral, but we (the team) are praying to see these kids lives changed.
Next weekend is Easter already (I can't believe it). Doral will start of the weekend with the first Good Friday service at 6:00 pm with LIVE teaching by Pastor Troy. Kids will be having their own service and it is going to be great!
The weekend of Easter is going to be amazing. God has already been doing BIG and GREAT things with the RationaLIES series. You know what it is to see and have over 400 decisions made for salvation. It was so powerful. There are alot of cool elements for easter, but you have to check it out to see. So, if you are not part of a church or are looking for one stop by this weekend and the next and check it out or you can always watch it live on the Internet Campus.
Before I click my phone to night at work, just want to remind all children volunteers everywhere and anywhere to check out our FRC Kids blog/podcast.
Have a great Friday and if your up for some FREE Starbucks, join the FRC Doral team at the Doral Starbucks on 41st next to Panera Bread. (address here)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy...

March 12, 2008- My beautiful mom's birthday!  I love you mommy so much and thank you for loving me as well.  I hope your birthday is stress free and wonderful, because you truly deserve it.  May the Lord grant all the desires of your heart.  Thank you momma for everything.  I mean it!  I love you soooo much, I can say it and write all day long.  Thank you for your example, love for God, and endurance/perseverance.  Muah!!!

My mom and her beloved!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Weekend Update...

This past weekend I was able to go to the Hurwit's Crisis Center.  My sister, brother, volunteer Robert, and student Natalie joined me as we drove to meet Peter and Mirna and their kids- Mia & Max.  It was so much fun!  We were able to meet several wonderful kids who are placed in this center.  We played flag football, dodge ball, and enjoyed a wonderful BBQ.  I love, love, love the picture of my brother and the little boy!  My sister met her Romeo...HEHEHE...and it was a true blessing. I look forward to going every month.  

On Sunday, my sister and I went to a friend's wedding.  (By the way, church was great!)  It was at the Deering Estate and it was lovely.  Those pictures are for the family in Brazil to enjoy.  

Later that night, we went to my parents house to celebrate the Logan's mission trip getaway ;) We don't say farewells or goodbyes.  It was a great time speaking about the great memories made and the ones that they will create and share with us via technology.  The Dzubay's and my parents did a great job hosting and making the party happen. Logan's we love you!!  Friday sound good for dinner???  Call you later..  That's the weekend update.  Enjoy!

** By the way our new series begins this weekend- RationaLIES- and I encourage you to go here  and defend the truth.