Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something Sweet...

There are days when one just craves some good old ice cream with friends far or near, while sitting on a field of green, green grass. It was one of those days- sorta. My prima Kristy is in Orlando- she joined us with her popsicle. My sister is in Dade county- she joined us with some vanilla ice cream in a mug. And I'm here in Broward- joining them with a little strawberry sorbet. Yup, we are all in different areas, near, far, working & doing life.... but we came together to share some sweetness. I love you girls. You deserved that ice cream all the way!

Proverbs 17:17a- "A friend loves at all times.."
Proverbs 17:22a- "A cheerful heart is good medicine.."

Recap Weekend & a Little More...

Just a quick recap of this past Sunday at Flamingo Road Church Kids Doral. We had record time for setup and tear down. Great job to all the Life Changers who made it possible!
My friend Gio is interning with us until the end of December as our Praise Team Coordinator. She had her first meeting this past Sunday with parents and kids. She recruited several parents to SERVE!!! How exciting!! I actually spoke to a mom today about it and she is so grateful for the blessing the Church has been to her and her family that she said she would serve wherever needed,not just in praise team. Praise the Lord! Love to see God use other people- Gio thank you!!!!
After church, we had our Life Development: Family Movie Day. Though not many families came, this time, God sent the right ones into our arms. Thank you to the Lema's for opening their incredible home of love for our families. There were some leadhers there ministering to other moms. It was off the charts. The kids made 3D glasses, home made mini pizzas, enjoyed plenty of sweets, played, and watched
The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.
Someone reminded me that it doesn't matter how many people we expect to come out to an "event", sometimes God just sends the right number of folks that need a Hug, Prayer, Encouragement or just some good ole', plain fun. Thank you Jesus for using us- with all our failures, tiredness, etc. Help me and others who have been entrusted with your Sheep to love them and lead them closer to You.
And as I close, FRC Kids Doral is having an Attendance and Friend Contest. At check in, we want our kids to fill out their name on a ticket and drop it in a box. For every visitor they bring, they can add another ticket. They have until November 8th to throw in as many tickets as possible to win the prize. The contest prize: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE book AND MAX the plush toy. So come and invite! That's all for today. Goodnight! ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The G Offering...

At the end of our series Heroes and Villains, every ministry participated in the G Offering? This was our Generosity offering campaign [for lack of better wording]. Here at Flamingo we have a heart for the LOST in this world. We have a huge God vision: 50 campuses, 100,000 people, and 150,000,000 budget. As we all know that to do a lot of things [and sometimes really big things] it takes the M word= money. None of us really like talking about it, or hearing about it. But we were all challenged to give an extra offering [aside from our tithe] to be a part of a bigger picture- to go beyond Me. It wasn't about equal giving, but equal SACRIFICE. Thank you to everyone who gave joyfully and sacrificially.

Well, our kids at FRC Kids Doral blew my mind away. Kids came in with jugs of pennies, $5.00 bills, envelopes with checks of $100.00,and plenty of change. Thank you for the parents that prayed together as a family and obeyed God's nudge and are taking the time to train their kids in an obedient and Godly manner. Our kids contributed almost $400.00 to the G Offering. Way to go FAMILIES!!! God will use everyone's sacrifice/obedience in big ways that we could not even begin to understand. HE is a good God. Our Provider. Our Everything!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a "I Miss You" can do...

At Flamingo Road Church we just concluded our Heroes and Villains series. Hands down, one of my all time favorites. You can always check the teachings out right here. I was challenged to live a life living and choosing to be a hero rather than a villain. We saw 341 baptism. We had record attendance across the board of 12,000 +. God just is moving so huge. I am grateful to be part of the ride.

At FRC Kids Doral we totally had a blast. And for all those families that missed out---- ahhhh----- try not to again. There is just way to much AWESOME stuff that we are learning from GOD'S Word. How amazing is that!!!

Well, as you read the title to this post, I have a great story from this past Sunday. We are trying to be more consistent in writing "We Miss You" cards & Birthday Cards to our kids. This Sunday one of our little second graders came. [He hadn't been with us for almost 2-3 weeks] Right when his mom picked him up, he stopped and asked me, "Did you guys send me a postcard saying you missed me?" I said, "Yes, we did! Did you like it? Did it make you feel special?" The little boy replied back, "Yes, I loved it! Thank you so much for remembering me."

I cannot tell you what I felt at that moment. You see, his parents are separated. That's why we see him on and off. But you should have seen his face. It's like his whole world just lit up. His mom told me later on that he put that postcard right on his wall and would look at it everyday!!! OMG! I could just cry all over again. I share this only because you never know who may need a little encouragement or acknowledgment- whether YOUNG or OLD.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

FRC Life Development Doral Newsletter...

Here is our second newsletter for Heroes and Villains at Flamingo Road Church Doral [life development]. One day I know I'll figure out how to make it much larger. But for now, just click on the newsletter and it will open a new tab where it will appear, I hope, larger. God is doing some mighty great things at our church, especially at our Flamingo Doral Campus. 18 folks were baptized at the beach!!! Grateful for every "life changer" at every ministry there. Enjoy!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Recruiting Secrets"...

Read this great article today on "what really works when it comes to recruiting a great volunteer team." - by Ali Thompson. [article, Recruiting Secrets] I wanted to share my notes.

1. An Invitation: "Wideman says that smart recruiters never apologize for giving people the opportunity to serve, bc you're presenting them with the greatest opportunity they'll ever have aside from following Christ. By giving them the opportunity to serve, you're presenting them with an opportunity to move forward and grow closer to God."
You never want to look desperate.. instead think strategically on how to invite people creatively. Give an invitation a party feel. This one is so simple "not easy", but simple: just ask people personally. "People WANT to be asked." Hey, that happened to me!! I was asked to fill in. ;D Lastly, just go out into the crowd. Just like Jesus, "come follow me." He recruited His disciples.

2. Focus on the Big Picture: Never recruit on duty or guilt. Cast vision: your church and ministry. I should be able to summarize that vision in 30 sec. or less. Help people see their service will have an eternal impact. Oh so true!!

3. Redefine your Church Culture: Our role as the church is to equip the people to serve and use their gifts. How can I do a better job of "equipping, assigning, maximizing and encouraging people."

4. Plan Ahead: Assessment. Wideman, "I don't work on the church that I have, I work on the church that I want to have." Measure your approach and Recruit al the time.

5. Build Relationships that last: This is so true. I need to act on that and find leaders that can do the same. Retaining is recruiting. "If they feel like your friend rather than 'just a volunteer,' they'll want to stick around." Make face-to-face contact, especially on weekend services.

6. Share the load: Pour into key volunteers and equip them to bring others on board.

7. Look in unexpected places: loved this story. One child director observed a couple worshiping during a kids worship time in the service. Saw their excitement, director invited them to serve, and they said yes!! Look into teens as well to serve. ---> yes I love that!!!

8. Pray: This was last in the article, but should be first in our daily life. Recruiting is do ne by faith, not by need. Philippians 4:19: "God will supply all your needs."

Hope you get some stuff out of this... If you lead in kids or any other ministry. I know I need to act and act now!

FRC Life Development Doral Newsletter...

Here is the 411 at FRC Doral's life development ministries. [preschool-elementary] If you missed us then you NEED to come this Sunday. Man, Heroes and Villains started off to an incredible start!!!

-Serving Him,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heroes & Villains: Power Up..

This past Saturday, the Flamingo Road Church Doral Life Development team got together for our "Heroes Power Up". FRC's new series, Heroes and Villains, kicks off this weekend- Sept. 12-13. At our Power Up, we had 3 Heroic teams put in place: a street team, phone team, and creative team. Our street team, led by three moms and a group of Rushlians, passed out over 150 invites to folks in our community. Our phone team called families and our creative team built, painted, and drew tons of exciting props for the weekend Environment. The Diversity, Collaboration, Thinking, Creativity, and Potential of this day was off the charts and we can't wait to see what GOD has in store for us at our FRC Doral Campus. I just wanted to thank each adult and teen there. You planted seeds for people to take a step closer to checking out what the church is all about and who Jesus is totally all about. THANK YOU!!!

So, if YOU aren't planning anything for this weekend why don't you stop by Flamingo Road Church. We have different locations and different times. One of them being right in the City of Doral: every Sunday at 10:30 am at Ronald Reagan High School- 8600 NW 107 Ave. Don't come alone and we'll see you there!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bloggers Book Study: by Bill Hybels...

Happy Monday morning! What a week and weekend! Shout out to my husband, Heredes, and everyone from Potential Studios and others that made F309 a major success.

This morning we will be in pages 40-48 in the book

9. The Fair Exchange Value: It comes right out of 1 Timothy 5. In any type of "corporation"- "leaders try to extract the most output from staffers in exchange for the least amount of input". Hybels says that sadly it even happens in the church. He shares the occurring years [5 yrs] that this would happen at Willow. Every year staffers hoped for that raise, etc. But it didn't really happened but they served excited and still at a high level. But after a couple of years, and seeing more buildings and ministries being built, the level began to drop and some had to have that talk with Hybels. He shares about one of his leaders who had to find a marketplace job. At the end Hybels and him worked it out and he is still working and leading after 32 years.
"I had espoused the value of fairness for as long as I could remember, and here I was losing one of my best workers for one simple reason: I was violating the fair exchange value."
And to all of you on staff at Flamingo Road Church- man, you guys rock! Thank you for the sacrifices you take in day in and day out. God has your reward.

10. The Value of a Good Idea: Hybels was in Spain leading a conference and was heading back home but needed to bring in a good idea to see change in Willow's congregation. "I might be one good idea away from a message series that could fire up our church again." Before leaving, he walked on the beach, back and forth, until God gave him that best good idea. God did. ;)
He asks, "What is the value of a good idea? A thousand lives added and tens of thousands of lives touched- all of which could be traced back to a desperate plea to God on a rainy day in Spain."
"Leaders traffic in idea creation. The best leaders I know are ferociously disciplined about seeking them out and incredibly committed to stewarding them well."
I loved this small section: talking about- to get to that one best good idea, you need to allow for hundreds or even thousands of mediocre ideas. "After all, if your big 'aha' is number seventy-eight, you'll never discover it unless you discipline yourself and your team to think through numbers one through seventy-seven."
Steward good ideas well. And great leaders keep a pad of paper and a pen by their bed. ;)

11. Build a Boiler Fund: Mismanagement is one of the many causes organizations fail/close down. And most of the time it has to do with a financial area. "The painful truth is that unless we become consistently profitable, we will not exist to minister another day." Proverbs 6:6- we should be like the ant storing up a reasonable about of reserve. As a church, there should be a boiler fund, so when something huge breaks down, etc. it can be replaced by the reserve we have set aside. "If you and I really believe that the local church is the hope of the world, then I believe we should do everything in our power to make sure that, at least from a financial perspective, the ministry can thrive well into the future."

That concludes my section. Thanks for stopping by. Join us tomorrow as Stacie Gonzalez leads the review. Now off to work! ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloggers Book Study: How the Migthy Fall...

If you missed the introduction to Jim Collins book "How the Mighty Fall" jump over to Matt Miller's blog here. I will begin the second part today- the first two stages of decline.

Stage 1: Hubris Born of Success:
Collins opens up with the beginning of Motorola's fall from greatness. It started with stage 1.
Hubris: "excessive pride that brings down a hero, or alternatively, outrageous arrogance that inflicts suffering upon the innocent." Yikes!
Multiple forms of hubris:
1. undisciplined leaps
2. company's pursuit of growth beyond what what it can deliver with excellence
3. bold, risky decisions of conflicting or negative evidence
4. denying that the company may be at possible risks, due to other competitors
5. And finally the most insidious form of hubris: Arrogant Neglect
Markers for Stage 1: [self- diagnostic checklist of possible decline]
1. Success entitlement, Arrogance: people begin to believe that success will continue almost no matter what the organization decides to do, or not to do
2. Neglect of a primary flywheel: leaders neglect [due to distractions] a primary flywheel, failing to renew it with the same creative intensity that made it great in the first place
3. " What" replaces "Why": rhetoric of success [we're successful b/c we do these specific things] replaces understanding & insight [we're successful b/c we understand why we do these specific things & under what conditions they would no longer work]
4. Decline in learning orientation: leaders lose the inquisitiveness & learning orientation that mark those truly great individuals who, no matter how successful they become, maintain learning curve as steep as when they first began their careers.

Stage 2: Undisciplined Pursuit of More
Opens with the thought that many companies fall because of complacency
"Over reaching tends to increase after a legendary leader steps away."
The best leaders, in these two sections "had a peculiar genius for seeing themselves as not all that important, recognizing to build an executive team & to craft a culture based on core values that do not depend on a single heroic leader." [eg. Walmart, Best Buy]
Though he is a "leadership skeptic" he concludes: "while no leader can single-handedly build an enduring great company, the wrong leader vested with power can almost single-handedly bring a company down."

Join the next sections by visiting Lilibeth's blog here.
What are some companies and/or leaders that you've seen start off great but then failed?
What areas do you want to improve or continually practice as you lead your ministry, occupation, family?
Continue being a leader that learns, grows, and works out humbleness... hmmm.. good things for me to put into practice...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

Today I bought the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. Why? Inspiration of the new movie coming out in October directed by Spike Jonze. If you haven't seen the movie trailer.. Uhh.. do so right now.

After reading the book, I googled it to learn a few more wild things about it. That's when I came across this blog- which I believe is Spike Jonze's blog and others that work with him? maybe?

So, what's it about? - "Simply put, this a place to learn about things we think are great and to share with you the things those things helped make. Wild Things indeed…"

So far some really cool stuff. I came across one of Spike's friends blog as well. Oh so "sketchy" cool. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sundaes on Sunday

Join us tomorrow at FRC Doral at 10:30 am as we start our new series- Kings. [man it is going to be good] And after wards join us for some icecream sundaes, bounce house, music and fun. See you there!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bloggers Book Study: Crazy Love...

Book 2 has begun. If you missed, check it out: Ch. 1 & 2: Genie , Ch. 3 & 4: Yoel,
Ch. 5 & 6: Stacie

Chapter 7: You're Best Life, Later:
Chan states that we need to make a distinct choice: to either just live life OR actively run to Christ. There is "Beauty in a deep walk with Christ."

I love that he bases a lot of this chapter off of Hebrews 11- The Hall of Faith. Woopee!!
What should or does our life look like daily? When we look at the "Hall of Faithers" :) do we feel that we would never be as "spiritual" as them?
Chan reminds us that all had their mistakes, failures, etc... but they ALL trusted and had faith in God.
"By faith.."v. 17

Faith: doing what others see as crazy... And when we think of all the "hall of faithers" were called to do, it was a huge leap of faith.
Chan: "Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers"
Vs. 35-38: The martyrs... "the world was not worthy of them"-- read hebrews 11: man it is incredible!
Bottom line is these believers had faith in a real God; they obeyed to the end- even if they saw what was promised or not...they gained a better resurrection.

There is so much to write, but as condensed as possible, Chan shares what love is..It is based around Christ's two
commandments: love God with all & love others. He talks about what if we take the Bible literally. Giving and loving. "As we love more genuinely & deeply, giving comes more naturally, taking becomes unattractive." Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice. Just dwell on that for a while. Live a life of reckless abandon. Compassion. Loving the poor, the weak, the lost.

Chapter 8: Profile of the Obsessed:
"to have the mind excessively pre-occupied with a single emotion or topic."

Lovers: obsessed with true love; a kind only found in Christ. [Luke 6:32-36; Luke 14:12-14] Be willing to forgive and LOVE those who have hurt you.
Risk Takers: obsessed with God's kingdom.
We have all prayed on a trip, "God protect us. Put your angels around this car..etc." We need to pray "whatever it takes" prayers.
Friend for All: obsessed to connect their lives to the poor in some way.
Chan saying here that we need to be intentional to meet people not like us who are in need.
Crazy Ones: obsessed to obey God rather than doing what is expected or fulfilling to status quo
Chan shares his selling of his house for a smaller one. Everyone thought he was crazy. But he asks "who really is the crazy one?" Those gladly sacrificing time, house, comfort are trusting in God's promises.
The Humble: obsessed with knowing the sin of pride is always a battle. Fight pride with focused prayer
Servers: obsessed with knowing that serving is not a burden.
Chan used to "work" hard to show commitment to God. Now he has realized he serves out of being madly in love with Christ.
Givers: obsessed with giving to those in need.. not takers
Soul Journers: obsessed with thinking about Heaven frequently.
Ex. of his wife's grandma: at a play. He asks her if she enjoys it. She answers "I don't know if this is where I want to be if Christ returns."
Engrossed: obsessed with a committed, settled, passionate love for God above & before every other thing & e
very other being [Deut. 6:4-9]
Unguarded Ones: obsessed with being RAW with God. To have true intimacy with God, we need to be "naked" before Him.
The Rooted: obsessed with meditating on the Word with delight, not out of religion or schedule.
The Dedicated: obsessed/more concerned with his/her character than comfort
Sacrificers: [Psalm 50:9-12;14] just being faithful to our Savior in every aspect of our daily lives

After listening to these chapters [free audio book here] I'm not sure how I felt. I don't know if I agree or disagree with some of the ideas shared. I appreciate Chan's heart to live a totally unselfish, abandoned life. I get what he is saying. Like he said, many accept salvation to get a spot in Heaven and forget that there is a life that needs to be lived for Him. Jesus told the disciples to leave ALL and follow Him. I guess I was torn between what is over spiritualized and what is just getting and living out the two commandments. Well, you decide if you want to read or listen to the chapters and expand your thoughts for discussion.

Follow Miguel's blog tomorrow as he ends the last two chapters.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Watcha Doing This Sunday...

Here's a little bit of what is going on this weekend at FRC Doral.
Kicking off a 2 week Dave Ramsey series. Life.Money.Hope. You don't want to miss it.

If you are anywhere in the Miami Dade area, come join us at FRC Doral at 10:30 am. Directions are here.

Annnndddd if you do hang out with us, just want to invite you to hang with us after wards as we grab some FUDDRUCKERS. Yes!!!

FRC Doral, Dave Ramsey, Great People and Fuddruckers... How can you beat a Sunday like that.
Check out Heredes' blog for more information as well.
See you on Sunday!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being Robbed Stinks...

Man, if you haven't joined our Bloggers Book Study I am telling you, you are missing out on some really great growing tools. Jump on over to Pastor Lilibeth's blog and read her chapter review. Really great stuff!

Last night, Heredes and I arrived home around 7:30ish to find out our house had been broken into. The burglars went through our bedroom. They stole: our flat screen TV, Wii with games, DVD player, a guitar, two Minolta cameras, some of my jewelry, my broken iPhone, a shuffle [a kid left at church, boo], Heredes MVP watch, a laptop and a mini mac.

I'm glad the burglars had a sweet time shuffling through our house. Hope they meet Jesus one day- cause Heredes and I, well we forgive you guys. I'm so grateful God really places His peace in our hearts. I was reminded last night [I controlled my anger & tears very well] that all this stuff is just STUFF. We live in a fallen world. And no matter what God will supply ALL our needs. Thank you Jesus for your protection- that is all I care about.

Heredes- so courageous- invited the four cops to FRC. And I was able to bake cookies with a thank you card and Flamingo invite for our neighbors. Praying for a relationship here- who knows maybe we'll have a Parilla cook off- Brazil vs. Argentina.

Just a reminder that all this material stuff doesn't fulfill. It is just Stuff. And God works everything for GOOD for those who Love HIM!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 8- Bloggers Book Study

Before I begin, if you are joining us for the first time, you will want to catch up on the previous chapters. So, click here. If you missed Chapter 9, you have to check out Matt Miller's blog.

Today I will be summarizing Chapter 10: A leader's Prayer. Here goes...
"God, Mold and Shape Me to My Full Leadership Potential."
Hybels opens with a moment on his boat in Lake Michigan praying and journaling to God saying, "God I want to be a better leader..." He felt led by the Holy Spirit to take a trip down the Old & New Testament & study some of the greatest, diverse leaders & take a look at the "praiseworthy components of their leadership." And so he begins...
God, make me like David:
  • His faith-based OPTIMISM
  • Attempted feats for God where more cautious leaders would never have considered.
  • A giant could not intimidate him, a murderous king could not paralyze him, & genocidal enemies could not defeat him
  • Where God pointed David, he marched confidently expecting grace & power to be revealed along the way
  • David clung to hope even when he morally failed.. "I [David] thought, 'Who knows? The Lord maybe gracious to me & let the child live." 2 Samuel 12:22
  • "Optimists expect to experience God's greatness & love, even when they're facing bleak circumstances."
  • The people we lead hear way to much pessimism. They need & deserve to hear leaders who are optimistic, who will be passionate about the hope that is there & ahead. Change can happen, will happen. Transformation will happen through the changing power of Jesus' love & forgiveness.
  • Leader, don't we need that optimism?
God, Make Me like Jonathan:
  • His capacity to LOVE
  • A bright, gifted, young leader whose "position in life was not as impressive as the condition of his heart."
  • He offered his heart on a platter & offered it to David. [Who would be the one to take the throne]
  • Pastor Troy says this to us all the time, we are not here to use people, they are not our little tools. We should not sacrifice community on the "alter of kingdom cause."
  • Don't we all want to be remembered as leaders who LOVED, rather than just a man/woman of vision, of strategic intent, or one who achieved a lot of goals?
God, Make Me like Joseph:
  • We know his story right? His power & influence grew quickly/meteoric [i like that word]. His family didn't appreciate that very much. They actually hated him for that.
  • Power/leadership tends to corrupt
  • Oh but Joseph was such a leader, a man who never gave in to corrupt behaviors. He didn't screw up his leadership. He stayed unstained
  • The Key to his integrity? He saw his leadership as a holy stewardship; He would stand accountable to God. Yikes! That puts it in a whole different perspective.
  • We can achieve this integrity by being surrendered daily to Christ
  • He shares what is probably my favorite hymn & line: "Come thou Fount"- Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.
  • Hybels share how he fights these moments of wandering with a few spiritual practices: writing out prayers, solitude, accountable to people, secret acts of service.
  • What will your practice be? Mine?
God, Make me like Joshua:
  • One of his finest moments: Joshua 24:15
  • More and more we leaders must take responsibility for leading people to decision points concerning life issues
  • This is the guy who is plainly going to ask, in love, "who will you choose- God or not" "Come on get on board, don't wait or simply get out"
  • Hybels pretty much says, if your looking for that person to ask people to get serious about membership, tithing, volunteerism, small groups [Lily], etc. this is the man for the job.
God, Make Me like Esther: [here you go leadhers]
  • Her COURAGE- For real!
  • "I'll do the right thing.. and if I perish, I perish." [Esther 4:16]
  • Placed into leadership practically because of her beauty, she was at a crossroads to either save her people or not
  • Willing to loose all status, position, security, etc. to do what God Called her to do
  • Believed that certain values were worth living-and dying-for.
  • "I find myself thinking that for church renewal to occur, a whole generation of leaders is going to have to manifest the courage of Esther." -Hybels
  • What or who is stopping you and me to lead courageously?
God, Make Me like Solomon:
  • His WISDOM
  • Hybels shares a bit of the sleepless mind of a leader. All those questions & thoughts that go on in the middle of so many nights.
  • To solve those questions, etc. we need to pray and ask for wisdom. And when someone asks how they can pray for you- tell them, I need wisdom; I desperately want it.
  • People look to leaders to set direction
  • How can we choose the right course apart from God's wisdom?
God, Make Me like Jeremiah: [Just finished reading about him, so loved reading this section]
  • Boy, talk about someone's ministry that never, ever went well
  • He was so honest to God. He wasn't cynical or crazy, just plain honest. He told God how he felt, many times alone, abandoned, but he always allowed the Healer to mend his broken heart
  • He stayed Faithful to his calling
  • He was able to turn from despair to hope because he was honest with God, he didn't deny his disappointments
  • Hybels talks about those times when we put on the "game face" only to be hurting or disturbed inside. You know those moments, or maybe not, when you just smile & you convince others your okay- but you don't convince your heart that it isn't
  • When we are "emotionally authentic" like Jeremiah, God just pours down his hands and touches us with "healing balm". Lamentations 3:2b-23
God, Make Me like Nehemiah:
  • Led the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall. 52 straight days of non stop work
  • This man new how to celebrate a win; He knew how to throw parties!!!
  • As leaders we need to be "intentional in planning the victory parties as we are at setting & achieving the organizational goals"
  • All work and no play makes for "dull people and dull churches". No celebration is a formula for wearing people down & draining their joy.
  • Leaders, Have you [I] planned any parties lately?
God, Make Me like Peter:
  • Poor Peter, the Bible shares everything about his leadership- the good, bad and ugly.
  • But even though many times he may have not made the best choice, he was always the first one to take initiative- even if that meant cutting a soldiers ear off to protect his Savior & friend who was being falsely accused
  • He was the only disciple who got out of the boat
  • Hybels shares when other church leaders bash other church leaders who are taking bold initiative to make a kingdom difference. We need to join those leaders that are "initiating kingdom action, trying something new, & launching out in ways that keep the enemy on his heels." - that's why I'm at FRC ;) Thank you Pastor Troy
God, Make Me like Paul:
  • So Hybels ends with this great leader, Christ follower, lover of Jesus Christ!!
  • We see Paul's INTENSITY.
  • Hybels does a little modern day comparison. Michael Jordan [intensity to basketball] & Paul [intensity x's 1,000 for Jesus Christ].
  • Heather, I mean Chicagoans have an enormous advantage when it comes to understanding the concept of intensity because of the man- Michael Jordan.
  • Jordan's legacy of focus, work ethic, competitiveness and drive to win shows pure intensity
  • I just love this statement: "My heart's desire is to pursue an imperishable wreath with the same intensity that Michael Jordan pursues a perishable one."
  • Let's ask God for greater intensity, not the type that is "frenetic busyness" but an "intelligent, Christ-honoring, apostle Paul-like intensity"
  • May our prayers shape us, & may God's grace lift us to our full leadership [God] potential.
I am so glad God allowed me to read this and share it. I look at the lives of these men and women who have gone before us and they stinkin' ran the race and they reached their God potential! I love that I can be at a church that thrives and pushes for that. I share this verse with you all and then I will close the way this chapter closed. Hebrews 12: 1 "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders & the sin that so easily entangles, & let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." -They & above all, Jesus, is cheering for us on this race. Whoo hoo!!!

Join us for chapter 11 shared by our wonderful Lilibeth Rivera

Paul's Intensity:
"I do not consider my life as dear unto myself. Only that I would achieve the mission that I received from the Lord." "This one thing I do: I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." "I will gladly spend and be spent for the sake of the church." "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." "In a race there is only one winner. When I run a race I do so to win." "I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith." 'There is a crown waiting for me- & not for me only, but for YOU too."
[acts 20:24; phil. 3:13,14; 2 corinth. 12:15; phil. 1:21; 1 corinth. 9:24; 2 timothy 4:7-8; timothy 4:8b]

Just some Random Thoughts...

Did you know:
  • that last week my church, FLAMINGO ROAD CHURCH, baptized 333 people.
  • 2 out of those 333 were two girls from FRC Kids Doral. Congratulations Mia & Casey!!!! [2 & 3 grade]
  • The team at FRC Kids Doral set a goal of 5 kid baptisms for 2009 [I'm not always good at setting goals. Not always sure what is good or not]. We have had 5 kids get baptized so far!!! It's been reached so we will passionately lead & serve for 5 more. ;)
  • Last week I realized how much I enjoy Disney better than Busch Gardens & all their parks. And not because of the rides, mostly because of the leadership. [& it is a little more magical]
  • FRC Doral Life Development will have a Orientation on July 23 [& 26]. Excited to see new faces, structure, and eternal change for our campus
  • Every Wednesday is Pixar Day at FRC at noon. Join us in the main auditorium, bring lunch in a creative lunch box, and meet some new leaders and life changers
  • You can join our BLOGGERS BOOK STUDY, if you haven't already. Click the link to see what you've missed and join me here tomorrow to read our next chapter.
  • FRC will be hosting the Leadership Summit on August 6 & 7. Get more information here and REALLY sign up!
  • I challenged myself & FRC Kids Doral team to pass out 10 invite cards this week so people can join us at one of our services at FRC [Doral]
Yea, these are my random thoughts. I hope they spark some encouragement; spark you to participate in something you haven't yet. Do you have any random thoughts you'd like to share? Come on, give it a try here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have You Joined Us Yet??...

First, Heredes and I are back from FRC Pensacola and a short vacation.  It was nice to get a away for a bit, but the rain was not that fun.  But at least we have a lot of nourished and green grass.

Second, the Blogger's Book Study has started.  The book is Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels. It's not to late to jump in and join us.  Here are the awesome bloggers who have shared their chapters so far:
Heredes: Ch. 1 & 2
Barby: Ch. 3
Mo: Ch. 4
Heather: Ch. 5

My friend Meegee will be sharing on Ch. 6.  So far there has been a lot of great leadership nuggets.  Remember, there are about 5 more books after this one and when done, we will start our Fall group of books.  If you want to make book suggestions and/or participate in leading a few chapters, go ahead and jump over to Heredes' blog and let him know.  

For the full schedule, click here

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bloggers Book Study!! Yes, I am back...

Do you have hours on end to read all those books on your wish list? I didn't think so!! I never do. That is why I am so excited to be a part of this innovative new venture - the Bloggers Book Study. Actually, perhaps we should call it a books study!

This is our online collaborative effort to collectively review six books in the next nine weeks. Twelve bloggers, six books, one daily post. See the schedule of posts and blogs here and participate with your thoughts, comments and questions.

I guarantee this is going to be enriching. Please join me on this summer journey!

The first book is Courageous Leadership, by Bill Hybels. First blogger up TODAY is my husband, Heredes Ribeiro, recapping and discussing chapters 1&2 here. Tomorrow join our second blogger, Ms. Barby Ward HERE, recapping and reviewing chapter 3.

What do you think? Are you in? So let's head over to our first stop, right here!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some fun thoughts...

My close friend [prima=cousin] Kristy married this past Friday to her sweet man, Evan Garcia.  The Garcia's wedding was beautiful.  I was blessed to be a part of her court.  They are a special couple that love the Lord and they are highly favored and blessed.  Prima you made me cry!!!  Congrats!

With that said, I was looking at some old pictures and videos [since the next day after the wedding I got the 24 hour stomach flu- ugh] and I just had to share these pics and video of two of the most cutest boys I know: Jonathan and Joshy.  I have taken care of these rugrats since they were newborns. I love them and their family dearly.  They were part of the wedding too. One video is of them playing around and the other is Jonathan promoting my husband's blog: Listen to the ending, it sounds like some monster growling in the background. [It's hilarious]

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Napkin Conference...

Checking out this conference for Children's leaders, pastors, etc.
The Napkin Conference.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 2009 Art...

I usually never, ever do this but here are some of my paintings from this past semester. I took Still Life and Portrait atelier classes. [for the second time] The media is Pastels: hard and soft. I need to work on pastel technique/creating the right texture especially for the skin, allowing to leave my strokes in and not smudge and smoothing out my edges. [and there is always the proportion issue]. So, yup. Hope Heather is happy. ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally a graduate...

If you know me, you know that finishing up my bachelor degree has been a looooonnnnngggg journey. April 27th, 2009 marked the day of that accomplishment.

This semester was a very hectic one, with: internship, 2 drawing classes, kids ministry @ frc, taking care of a home and husband... Phew... But God big time gave me strength and perseverance to finish everything and on time. I was blessed with a great cooperating teacher and supervisor.

Well, just to wrap it up. Though I really didn't want to walk, I did. First, because I made Heredes walk back in 2007. Second, it was too much of a big accomplishment to not walk.

Most memorable moments of that day were: Adding Ribeiro, in pencil, to my card so I could here the presenter say: Marcella Meza Ribeiro. Seeing my family up in the stands, especially my daddy. Phew! I almost cried- don't know why. Maybe it's bc he has a great smile ;). Exiting to U2 and Coldplay. Having a great lunch @ Texas de Brazil with my family. And coming home to a clean house- compliments of my husband & his creativity. So thank you to my family for setting an example of finishing what you start. And to a very special couple that paid my way this last semester. $2,000.00 as a Gift Revolution gift. Glad to repay you back with a degree.

My next mission: find a job!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back In Action...

Hey Blog World... So I'm back in action for real! I am officially done with school and graduation is this Monday... I'll chat more about that later...

One thing I really want to share with you today is this:

Hope to see you this weekend at FLAMINGO ROAD CHURCH.... Invite a friend... We never know who may be hurting and needing to hear this..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

parents, kids ministry leaders..

check out our first iKids live show on Have some family fun and give us your feedback. Log on at 4:00 pm and then join our Internet campus to catch one of our Easter services.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank you...

First, great Easter kick off at Flamingo Road Church.  Thank you Jesus that we can take time to just remember what you did for this whole world.  More and more my heart is beginning to yearn for You and my eyes are beginning to open up to the lost and hurt of this world.  All We Need Is YOU!!!
So don't miss out one of our many services this weekend.  Check it here.

Also, here is some great collaboration.  Doral RUSH... FRC Kids Doral says THANK YOU FOR STUFFING OUR EGGS!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter. DON'T MISS IT...




Monday, March 30, 2009

EASTER 2009 @ Flamingo Road Church...

I had a couple of minutes to run to my blog and update it with something that is really important: EASTER SERVICES AT FLAMINGO. I'll keep simple, here's my invitation. Make sure to join us at any of our campuses. So I'll stop typing, now CHECK out the VIDEO below.

Thursday, March 12, 2009




--- yes, that is my middle name.  I like my name.  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A couple of things this Weekend...

Hey blog world !
Looking for a couple of things to do this weekend.  First, make sure to catch one of the many services at FRC.  Remember, we have several campuses: Cooper City, Doral, Sawgrass, Hallandale, Internet [yes it is live]. And if your anywhere around Pensacola or Lima, Peru, we have some there too.  Check out FRC for directions and times.  New series starts today!

After you check out the awesome service, why not hit Goo for some good music.  One of my favorite bands of course being Sirens and Sealions ;). Check out the flyer below and come out.  

My husband, Heredes, has a couple of things to check out too. Jump over his way and check out his blog.  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I had to post the great news that one of our students at FRC Kids Doral made the decision to follow Christ and take their next step through baptism.  God thank you for doing your work.  You are awesome!!!  We at FRC Kids are excited to partner with this child and her father and family to reach their God potential.  Goodnight!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I found some time to update my blog. Sorry world. ;)  The next few posts will be updates on what I've been up to or learning.  Thanks for reading.

How Internship is going:
- I was able to be a part of the Scholastics Art Awards.  All the art interns helped show Jr. & H school art work.  It was a cool time and I was able to see a lot of great work.  These kids are talented.  Check some of their art out:

Also, watch this video interview on the artist Jacqueline Roch [who is amazing- pastel artist] and watch till the end and tell me who you see.  Ha!  

- I've been teaching now for a month I believe.  I was supposed to start teaching one period a week and add to that.  I started teaching full days my second week into it.  My first lesson was on the Abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky.  Here are some of the kids works so far:

The last two are works from our autistic students.  Our next lessons will be sewing, weaving, collage, and maybe a self-portrait project.

- This past week was my critique for my still life painting class. I am really grateful that God has given me a great professor who has helped me improve with painting with pastels.  I'll put pictures of my final work later.  This week I start portraiture.

These are just a few updates of school and internship.  I'll share more stories of all the wonderful students later.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 26th Birthday...

Thank you to everyone who sent wonderful birthday wishes or called me for my birthday.. It was incredibly sweet.  So grateful!

Heredes, the wonderful husband that he is, did exactly what I wanted.  We had lunch at my parents home. Corn lasagna- stinkin' delicious!!!!!!!!!!!  

Before we ate though, Heredes revealed his gift for me.  A one of kind art piece by H himself. Beautiful monochromatic abstract pieces. [with a little collage thrown in there..hehehe].  AND Celine Dion concert tickets for this friday!!! woohooo!!! Thank you baby.

My parents got me a gorgeous jewelry box.  Thank you!!!!!! And my sister got me my favorite movie "Never Been Kissed" and the cutest card ever. Thank you to those who gave me gift cards, money, and other gifts.  :)  

On another note internship and school are going well so far. I am exhausted, but worth it right?! :)  lol.   Updates later to come. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

I Love January...

Why? Well, I love January because so many that I love have a birthday in January. [Not that I don't love you if your birthday is not in January]

First, it was my brother's birthday on Wednesday. I posted- leave him a comment.

Today is baby Legend's 1st Birthday. His picture to the left. That's our student pastors- Scot and Holly- baby. They are a great couple.

It is also my youth pastor's, Mr. J, birthday today. He passed away on August 4, 2004. Today is his 33rd birthday. Katrina put up a video of him and the "band" when we played at Dade Christian. Yes, check it out here. You may find some familiar faces. Thank you MR. J for being a great youth pastor and so much more. I see the impact in my life, my husband's, and so many others.

Katrina thank you for always reminding us of his great love he had for us, the youth, and the lost. I love you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!! Thank you for being the first to show me a pastor's wife's heart. Katrina do you have a picture of him?? I don't have a digital one. Pass it along please :)

Some other great people to celebrate: My DAD!!! Pastor Ricky- tomorrow. Donna Hawley, my cousin Marcella, and me- on the same day. My cousin Mayaya. Oh my, way to many.

As I close: why not leave a message to Katrina letting her know we are celebrating Mr. J's day as he watches from above. Leave it here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

School Has Begun..

The New Year has started with a New and FINAL semester. Tuesday I went back to school. I begin my internship. This week is orientation week and Still Life drawing. I have begun to ingrain in my mind the fact that there will be no life these next four months. If you see me remind me of that please. I was a bit nervous, but when Tuesday was done, I am really excited that I am finishing up to be a teacher- an art teacher. If you could just pray for me for dedication and focus. I'll keep you updated.

*Thank you Friend for the awesome sketch book and mini model. :) Feel Better

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 16th Birthday...

Wishing my wonderful, handsome, funny, athletic, artistic, bassist, teen brother a wonderful Birthday.. I love you Gabriel "Gabo" Alejandro Meza. God bless you Gabo. Let the Lord rule your heart always!! Muah!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...

Yes... it has been a busy month in December... but wow, what a December!!! What a year!!! There's been up's and down's and praying and hoping that in 2009 I will embrace the new year in a whole different, more JOYFUL way.

This year I kick it off by starting my INTERNSHIP!!! What? I can't believe I am so close to graduation. It is something I have been yearning for so much. I also have goals i want to set and accomplish, but I haven't worked on the list yet- but I will.

I know my husband is starting a new look for his blog, and maybe I'll join him, but I hope that I can continue blogging faithfully and share with you all some inspiring, transparent, encouraging things. ;)

Happy New Year!