Wednesday, January 30, 2008

25th Birthday, Late, Update....

I wanted to thank all of you who sent me messages, called, and made my birthday so special. Really appreciate it! I just have to recap how it went because my husband just is number 1. :) On Friday I went to work, Heredes has it off, and Panera Bread was great. I got a very sweet delivery from my husband that day as well. I received a balloon, truffles, the cutest, softest teddy bear, and this beautiful, real flowers, birthday cake. Later that night, as I was driving home, I had to stop by Danny Brigham's house to drop off some banners. As I'm driving through the dark streets I see some blue and red lights behind me. Yup, it was a cop. Thank God I stopped right in front of Danny's house. The police officers asked for my license and registration and then asked if I was lost. I told them, "Actually, I'm stopped at the house I was looking for." They apologized and then said that they were trying to find someone and to drive carefully. Phew!
After that fun delivery, I got home and Heredes later took me "as a surprise" to Bonefish, even though I guessed before we got there. I was really craving it. As we pulled up to park I see my parents van and when we walk in to the restaurant I tell Heredes "are you looking for my parents?" He slyly answered, "Aww babe, no that wasn't your parents car. Sorry." As we walked in to be seated, there I see a table with my family, cousin Carlos and Cassie, and the cuban mafia- Ivan, Lizbet, baby, Connie, and Mike. It was a great ending to a great Birthday. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the beautiful cake that was made by Johanna and my sis Chanti. Number one, it was DELICIOUS and second it's the face of Audrey Hepburn- one of my favorite Actresses. Thank you girls sooo much!!!!

Weekend Recap...
Our children's ministry just started their new virtue of the month: Orderliness. It coincides with the Garage Sale series that started this past weekend. The set looks great and I'm waiting on some pictures so I can post them. The team did a great job teaching kids the importance of arranging things to make their day easier. We also had our first Kid's baptism at Doral. His name is Gianmarco and he is one of the sweetest boys you'll meet. I had to post his picture. And of course there is Joshy- ohh he makes me happy.

If you read Heredes' blog you know that I got sick again. Nasty. I had a bad stomach virus and I'm still feeling a bit weird. But everything seems to be staying in nicely. I went back to work yesterday and I got to experience one of the coolest things every: the U2 3D concert. Okay, so I can only say that it was Incredible. Go watch it when it is here. Don't miss it, even if you don't like U2, it's a great experience. The only complaint it was too short and his religious views. But that is not the focus. I wanted to thank HP for heading that up and taking care of us. Thanks!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What should you be when you grow up?

You Should Be a Teacher

You are patient, optimistic, and good at explaining things.
You work well with all types of people, and you are a good role model.
Success and positive outcomes are extremely important to you.
You are both a good leader and instructor. People look up to and depend on you.

You do best when you:

- Can see the results of your work
- Are able to teach someone a new skill

You would also be a good nurse or non fiction writer.

Thanks vicky. I don't know how true this is, but I am studying to be a teacher, lol.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I made artwork for myself...

I really liked this one, but the artists signature shows up...Argh...

I liked this one too, but somebody's little aim box got caught...Argh again...

But I was able to save it and now I don't know which one I like .. :)
It took me some time to figure out when to stop and post something I like. lol. Thank you Heredes

A Quarter of a Century Old.....

Okay, so I don't like to make a big deal about my birthday but I can't believe I have turned 25 years old.  Yikes!!  It's a little nerve wrecking, but I could only thank the Lord that He would choose to bless me with another day and hopefully another year and many more to come.  I truly am grateful.  Lord, thank you, thank you for life! 
It's been a great morning and I have felt very blessed and loved.  First, my hubby made me a present- my very own boxset mix of '08- with some cd's that I have been wanting.  He burnt me (because the originals are coming later) the new Hillsong Kid's CD, two cd's from Brooke Fraser, the new Marty Sampson CD, and the Killer's SawDust.  So, I'm here at work enjoying the music.  
The ladies at work are taking me out to lunch today to Panera Bread.  Melissa S. brought these beautiful tulips and a balloon.  She is so cute.  Everyone here is spectacular.  Yesterday, other staff members sang happy birthday and cut a cake for me.  Thank you ladies: Nef, Jackie, and Charlotte for the cake and Jackie thanks for calling me to blow out the fire. Lol.  Nefertiti got me a heater for my office. THANK YOU!!  Alot of you know how offices and churches can me so freezing, so I am very grateful for that.  :) 
My parents text me last night with a picture of a cake.  Ohhhh, how I love them.  Thank you mom, dad, gabo, and chants. Hopefully I will see you tonight.  And thank you for all who called me this morning, really you didn't have too, but thank you; it brought a big smile to my face.  Can't wait to go home and see my Heredes.  He was a bit sick last night.  :(  Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long Weekend Recap...

So, a whole week of not blogging- wow! This is why my posts tend to be lengthy. Heredes and I had a nice long weekend. Saturday I was able to clean a bit, get all mentally disfunctional (no need to explain), went to church, and then met up with my sister and Johanna and their friends for ice cream and some wii, while Heredes had a meeting. It was a fun night.
Sunday we had church and our kid's ministry at Doral had their first Jump Start class. Jump Start is where kids go with their family to know more about salvation and baptism, etc. We had three families join us and Sara, Mayla, and myself taught the class. My volunteers did an incredible job. I think we will be having one child get baptized for sure next week. It was so exciting. How cool is that, that families can be in the same room and parents are there guiding their kids to the most important decision ever.
After church, we had lunch and for that story you can check out my husband, Heredes', blog. Our first Broward County friends came over- Jenn and Matt Miller- later that night to watch the finale of The Amazing Race. It was a great ending- a super close race- but TK and Rachel won. Whoo hoo! Then we finished watching the football game- yeehaw!! :)
Monday was our day off due to Martin Luther King's holiday. It is always so nice to stay home. Finished cleaning some more, spoke with Brazil, had breakfast, and I got to play some Legend of Zelda thanks to Matt M. I am doing really good. Later that day we hooked up with our friends Pr. Dave and Adriana. We ate some organic food, drank starbucks, and watched Atonement. I really, really liked the movie. I give it a 4 1/2 stars. Very creative, unsuspecting ending. I can't wait to read the book. Well, Tuesday is here- it feels like Monday- but work is good. Going to have lunch with hubby and my friend Ana.
Oh, and I'd like to welcome my mom, dad, and Gabo back from Orlando. Glad you guys had fun and didn't get caught by the cops! lol!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Happy Birthdays...

I wanted to wish my dad and my brother a very happy birthday.  My brother turned 15 on Jan. 7, 2008 and we had a great time eating dinner together.  My dad's birthday is today (we won't state the age) and Heredes and I are about to go to my parents house to cook dinner for him and the family.  I love these men!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Brooke Fraser- Amazing!

I was listening to Brooke Fraser, one of the worship leaders at Hillsong Australia and a recording artist from New Zealand. I love her voice and her spirit. I heard a teaching from her, given to us from our friend Miguel who attend the Hillsong Conference in Orlando. I loved how she spoke. Guys, it was so powerful. And I came across this song Albertine (her title cd) and I mean you just see her heart and passion on a trip she took to Africa. I just had to post it; I've been listening and watching it all day in the office. Enjoy!

America's Top 25 Most Innovative Churches of 2008

Our Executive Pastor, Raul Palacios, sent the staff an email on an article by Outreach Magazine on the Most Innovative Churches of 2008. (25 were listed- there are probably many more) It is exciting to see some of the top churches in the country make the list, but the most exciting is seeing Flamingo Road Church listed as number 4!!! We were also on the 100 Largest Churches in America list for '07. It is a blessing to be part of a church, that is not perfect, but passionate to partner with people to reach their GOD potential. Heredes and I have only been at FRC since Easter and it is were we call home. (For this season, but I hope it's a long season) I love our church and I love what God is doing here and around our communities because people are willing to humble themselves, learn, and reach. So, check out the list and the other great churches listed on it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year...

Wishing everyone a great 2008 filled with God's blessings- because they are always there- and for your hearts to be closer to Him more than ever.

I spent the New Year holiday with my husband and my parents. Heredes and I were blessed enough to purchase a Wii through a friend and a special payment we should be able to pay it off in like But we did take it to my parents house and got to play with everyone- and I mean everyone- with the exception of our dog Xena. Danny and his friend Jason and my cousin Carlos and Cassie also came over.

We did the usual eat and countdown. Now I am opening my heart out to all the world- I don't like New Year's Eve. I think it is one of the worst holidays, for me at least. I tend to ruin it for myself and sometimes for the people around me. It stinks, I get so cranky. Well, Heredes and I did get to sleep in on Tuesday till like 2 pm and laid around and did nothing once again.

So, do I have any goals or resolutions for this year? I'm not sure, let me try.
1. The biggest thing I do want is to be faithful to God and to my husband and family. I want a spiritual awakening in my soul. I want a steady, consistent prayer and Bible study time.
2. I want to keep exercising.
3. I want to learn to have relationship with people- to make phone calls and to hang out with people. I really am BAD at that, really bad. I guess I need a social awakening :)
4. I want to travel. This year I would like to go to Peru, Venezuela and Brazil. If I don't get to go to those countries, at least I know I am going to Georgia.
5. Try to fill up a whole sketch book with actual stuff.
I think those are five reasonable and accomplishable goals. (that word doesn't exist probably, but hey Pastor Troy makes up his own words lol)

Again, Happy New Year and have a blessed 2008. Omg, the last goal is to G-R-A-D-U-A-T-E.