Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm back...

I apologize for the super duper "blog block".  It has been really busy and hard for me to even get on and write.  But there is a lot to share and write about.  
I'll start with last Thursdays Celebration/Staff meeting.  It was great to hear from Pastor Troy, as always, as he shared about the Easter weekend and our Ethos.  He had everyone in the room stand up and share their name, where they were serving, and what their expectations for the weekend were.  I was so nervous.  I think I was most nervous because I didn't know what to expect- and everyone just had such honest, heart-felt answers.  When I stood up, I really felt like crying and vomiting.  Eeek!  I shared that I was just excited to serve in the kid's ministry and seeing what God was going to do in the families lives.  But I really have to agree with my friend Beverly, in which she said she was just honored to be part of this family called FRC.  I am so Grateful and Honored that God would allow me to do life with so many wonderful people. 
FRC's Easter began with Doral on Good Friday at 6 pm with live teaching from Pastor Troy.  We had 28 total kids + volunteers. It was so fun and great.  Saturday Heredes and I enjoyed sitting through the service.  It was a great teaching, worship was great, and the choir- wow!  At our 6:30 pm service people stood with hands raised during the choir special.  I can still see our new Hallandale campus pastor, Chris, being the first one standing with raised hands.  Awesome! 
Sunday, my volunteer and friend Connie and I drove to Dania (actually Ft. Lauderdale Beach- woops) beach to see one little girl get baptized, one of our kids mom get baptized, and see our friend's mom and friend get baptized. I know that for Mayla that was a great day.  Mayla is one of our kid's volunteers and she is beautiful- inside and out.  
Back at church, we had two more little girls get baptized and had great video teaching and games.  I loved watching the kids during praise and worship. We did two great Hillsong Kids songs: Only You (or is it Lean on You) and Tell the World. (Heather you need to get all four cd's for your boys. I'll let you hear them) I saw kids jumping, singing, closing their eyes and I just got so excited.  Heredes and I finished the day serving at Cooper and going home for a nice sleep and day off the next day.  
Hopefully this post has redeemed me a bit for taking so long to update my blog.  Also, check out FRC kids new blog/podcast here.  My next post will be about the beach baptism trip me and my friend had. We got really lost. :) Thanks to the Doral kids team for making the weekend so great!  Without them, without faithful, passionate volunteers we wouldn't function to help people reach their God potential.  


Anonymous said...

thank you for the update...glad to know you are happy serving at FRC Doral.
You are doing a great work for the Kingdom!

secret admirer

OhChanti said...
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OhChanti said...

Seeing you every Sunday morning serving and leading this kids with excitement is so refreshing. It's great to see how the Lord is using you in FRC.

que Dios te bendiga hermanita.

your Secret Admirer ... i mean, you're sister.

March 31, 2008 9:06 AM

Marcy said...

LOL..thanks chants.

I have to tell you listening to you sing brings me so much joy. I love to see and hear you sing. I love your real, authentic heart. I'm glad you and the fam are at FRC with us. Love you girl..

Thank you "secret admirer" for your message... but you can always sign off your name.

Peace Out!!

Pr Ja1000 said...

Marcella,que lindo ver o quanto voces estao contentes com o que estao fazendo,me emocionei bastante ao ler seus depoimentos de o quanto esta satisfeita com o que esta acontecendo em FRC e como estao servindo com alegria.Que Deus continue te usando juntamente com Heredes....e que continuem com este coracao de "servo"......Love you..We are proud of you.....

Marcy said...

HI Elzeli!!!
Obrigado por so mensaje...I almost cried. :) Gracias por el trabajo hecho en su filho heredes. Les quiero mucho. Orando por ustedes y oren por nosotros tambien. Nunca duele orar. Comienzen un blog para ver lo que estan haciendo en Brazil. :) love you all alot!!!!!!

Leelee said...

I am oh so proud of you! I pray that the Lord continue to bless you and grow you to do even greater things for His glory through the wonderful gifts He has given you!

Love you dearly

besitos, mi niña