Sunday, February 15, 2009


I found some time to update my blog. Sorry world. ;)  The next few posts will be updates on what I've been up to or learning.  Thanks for reading.

How Internship is going:
- I was able to be a part of the Scholastics Art Awards.  All the art interns helped show Jr. & H school art work.  It was a cool time and I was able to see a lot of great work.  These kids are talented.  Check some of their art out:

Also, watch this video interview on the artist Jacqueline Roch [who is amazing- pastel artist] and watch till the end and tell me who you see.  Ha!  

- I've been teaching now for a month I believe.  I was supposed to start teaching one period a week and add to that.  I started teaching full days my second week into it.  My first lesson was on the Abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky.  Here are some of the kids works so far:

The last two are works from our autistic students.  Our next lessons will be sewing, weaving, collage, and maybe a self-portrait project.

- This past week was my critique for my still life painting class. I am really grateful that God has given me a great professor who has helped me improve with painting with pastels.  I'll put pictures of my final work later.  This week I start portraiture.

These are just a few updates of school and internship.  I'll share more stories of all the wonderful students later.  


Christy said...

Nice art and cool being in the news!!! And Ray Magarino a guy that posted a comment there under the video was my old art teacher!!! That was freaky!! Well keep on doing what great things you are doing!!! Good luck on the rest and remember you have alot of friends and family suporting you and your career!!! Love you lots!!!

LeadHership: said...

I love hearing about this season in ur life. Ur God-born gifts & passions coming to life. Hope you'll post some of ur work too