Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Recruiting Secrets"...

Read this great article today on "what really works when it comes to recruiting a great volunteer team." - by Ali Thompson. [article, Recruiting Secrets] I wanted to share my notes.

1. An Invitation: "Wideman says that smart recruiters never apologize for giving people the opportunity to serve, bc you're presenting them with the greatest opportunity they'll ever have aside from following Christ. By giving them the opportunity to serve, you're presenting them with an opportunity to move forward and grow closer to God."
You never want to look desperate.. instead think strategically on how to invite people creatively. Give an invitation a party feel. This one is so simple "not easy", but simple: just ask people personally. "People WANT to be asked." Hey, that happened to me!! I was asked to fill in. ;D Lastly, just go out into the crowd. Just like Jesus, "come follow me." He recruited His disciples.

2. Focus on the Big Picture: Never recruit on duty or guilt. Cast vision: your church and ministry. I should be able to summarize that vision in 30 sec. or less. Help people see their service will have an eternal impact. Oh so true!!

3. Redefine your Church Culture: Our role as the church is to equip the people to serve and use their gifts. How can I do a better job of "equipping, assigning, maximizing and encouraging people."

4. Plan Ahead: Assessment. Wideman, "I don't work on the church that I have, I work on the church that I want to have." Measure your approach and Recruit al the time.

5. Build Relationships that last: This is so true. I need to act on that and find leaders that can do the same. Retaining is recruiting. "If they feel like your friend rather than 'just a volunteer,' they'll want to stick around." Make face-to-face contact, especially on weekend services.

6. Share the load: Pour into key volunteers and equip them to bring others on board.

7. Look in unexpected places: loved this story. One child director observed a couple worshiping during a kids worship time in the service. Saw their excitement, director invited them to serve, and they said yes!! Look into teens as well to serve. ---> yes I love that!!!

8. Pray: This was last in the article, but should be first in our daily life. Recruiting is do ne by faith, not by need. Philippians 4:19: "God will supply all your needs."

Hope you get some stuff out of this... If you lead in kids or any other ministry. I know I need to act and act now!

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Rey De Armas said...

This is great stuff! Thanks Marcy :)