Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Movie I must see

This preview is simply amazing. It's a movie I must watch. I will be taking my hubby and for sure my sister, who is a huge Jane Austen fan. I hope you guys enjoy this.

I know I haven't posted anything recently, but just to update you guys...Thank you to everyone who was a part of Heredes' 100th post Blog Party.

I finished work and I simply miss it and now I am in the journey of looking for a new job. So if you guys can keep me in prayer that would be awesome.

The Secret series at church has been going really well. This past Sunday, our iPhone mad-man, Brian Vasil, spoke about patience. It was a great message. So totally needed to hear that. The Sunday before that, our wonderful, upbeat Heather Palacios (HP) spoke about the Secret of God's Favor. She had a swing tire swinging from the ceiling of the building and totally delighted me as she spoke about taking the rim out of the tire and allowing God to fill in that hole. He should be our center of all enjoyment and satisfaction. Our everything, my everything!

My mom and brother went to Peru. Actually, my brother is still there and my mom got back on Friday. She visited the FRC Lima campus. She met Dorcas and Steve and even invited two of her friends. I can't wait till the day comes when Heredes and I can travel to Peru, Brazil, maybe one day Venezuela and all over the world, not only to visit but also be a light.

This week has been quiet and sweet. Been home cleaning, reading, exercising, and visiting my hubby at work. So, that is a quick update on what's been going on. I will be posting more interesting things soon . :)


Alison Riling said...

i'll be prayin for u girl!

tell ur mom, gabo, and chanti i say hi! =)

i miss them [..even gabo. LOL! he's cool]

miss u too!
luv u

Tia Maria said...

Love you both so much!! Glad you are taking some time to just chill. We are so happy the Lord has brought us full circle and back to doing ministry together. Your mom told me she had a great time at FRC Lima. She told me when she visited FRC Lima she felt joy that our church is reaching out to Peru and some day to other countries. Count us in! Tio and I are so excited about FRC's plan of being the light and helping people reach their God pontential where ever they are in the US or in another country. Love you...