Thursday, August 2, 2007

Days at FRC

So, I am encountering what some would call "writer's block" but I will call it "Blog block". Since I don't really know what to write about, I will write about what I have been doing the past week. I have been visiting my husband at his office up in Cooper City. It has been so fun and incredilble! I have been able to talk to people a bit more and hang around and see how they work and joke around. The atmosphere in the offices are so great. I have had the great opportunity of helping Sharon D. with some of the stage props. She is so creative. I love it! I got to hang out with my dawg Jackie Huetter, soon to be Fuller. Yay! Black magic sisters 4 life yo!!! :) I also learned to cut paper in the cool printing room. It feels like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory in there, just that its all printers & paper machinery. I also helped out for the first time as a lifegaurd on 1st Wednesday. And how can I forget hanging out with my friend Heather P. and chatting on aim..

God is really opening some awesome doors that I am still shocked about. I am so amazed and thankful and totally excited. We had a great staff meeting on Tuesday and Pastor Troy is back! Lot of cool series coming up like Antology and much more.. It's just been a fun week and half here in the office with my husband Heredes.

Oh and i took some time to change the layout of my blog because two people had the same one. Hope you like, because I like it for now at least. And there was a poll for you guys to vote on, but right now it is not working...well, i'm out and maybe i'll have some other stuff to write on my blog that will inspire you ....


Heredes said...

Haha !! you broke the poll with your silly question - ;)

LeadHership said...

Hey, I wanna be a black magic sister too. How come you guys left me out? Oh, I get it....only the losers who don't get the stupid game get ousted from being a sistah??