Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alot of Catching Up...

Last week, daylight savings began. Even though it doesn't feel like we have gained an hour, last sunday was one of those beautiful mornings you just had to take a picture of. So, I did. I love the view Heredes and I have from our balcony. There is a tree, which I think is dead because nothing grows from it, that I love to just look at. Sometimes, birds just sit around the branches and other days you have a view like the one in the picture.

Since there is a bit to catch up on, I will begin with Trunk or Treat. I know, so like 2 weeks ago but I have to share. It rained like crazy on Halloween, but the rain could not stop what God wanted to accomplish that night. There were some thousand families come by, rain and all. Though there was alot of preparation, from games to food to music, that seemed to have been a waste, it wasn't. The band still managed to play live music, there was candy every where, I had a Winnie the Pooh and an Alligator walking around (Thank you Amy, Chief, & Josue), and we played some games with the kids that were there. I want to say thank you to our friend Alex Comesanas for his game ideas. (I will have pictures of the boots and hats I made)

I have to share the prayer that has been answered for Heredes and I. I now work at FRC as the- Yup you guessed it- Receptionist. Wow, the job just follows me around :), lol! It has been a great 2 weeks. Everyone in the office has been very helpful in answering my Many questions. Sometimes I feel so bad, but it's better to ask than mess up really bad. I've already had some pretty interesting phone calls, from mean ones to ones where I have been able to pray for people and listen to them speak. It truly is an HONOR to be working there.

This past week was pretty hectic. Heredes and I would leave the house at 6 am and get home around 11:30 pm almost every night. We had Tuesday staff meeting, which all I can say is Wow. Pastor Troy you rock! There was 1st Wednesday, which once again WOW. Then Thursday, Heredes had a dress rehearsal for our friends Brian & Jackie's wedding, and then Friday was their wedding. Can I tell you that it had to be one of the most beautiful weddings. Brian & Jackie Fuller CONGRATULATIONS! And guys, know how much we love you because right now I am watching the Hillsong United Conference that Heredes and I missed. : P We love you guys and can't wait to talk about the "kits"!!!

Not only did we celebrate our friend's wedding, our friends Ashley and Darwin had their beautiful baby boy: Darwin Alberto Ortiz. Congratulations guys!!! We are going to try to visit tomorrow.

We had another wonderful Sunday at FRC Doral. I've got some great volunteers. Thank you all for jumping in and subbing, being there on time, and just making it wonderful for the kids. Thank you , thank you!! Our virtue for the month is RESPECT. As I was reading the lesson yesterday morning, I was just realizing how much that lesson or that virtue is for me. How important it is to "Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and God's what is God's". God wants our obediance and love, and in the midst of those times where we have authority that we don't agree with, God wants us to still show respect because we will never know how that alone can make a difference in someone's life. So, to those who have been in authority over me at one point who I have lost some respect for and have allowed my flesh to kick in, I ask for your forgiveness.

Pastor Troy also started the new series: The Domino Effect. This weekend he taught about making the right choice; making good decisions. And he shared the verse where I believe Christianity is pretty summed up in: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. And though at the moment I misplaced my notes, I know that He hit some pretty hard stuff, that is so needed- for all of us, trust me.

Well, as I wrap up one last exciting note: THE AMAZING RACE STARTED LAST SUNDAY AND I AM ABOUT TO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW WITH MY HUSBAND. Mark my words, it is our goal to be on that show someday. IT IS THE BEST SHOW EVER. Well, so is Heroes. :) And another goal is going to Australia to sight see and attend Hillsong Church- which Hillsong Kids came out with their new album- CAN'T WAIT TO BUY IT AND OWN IT. "Pastor Troy, please don't take Heredes to Australia without me." Hope this makes up for my poor neglected blog. Eveyone, have a great night.


Anne Marie said...

it does make up for it :) all good news. congrats on your new job!

Vicky A. said...

That is what you call a mind dump.... thanks for the update. I'm so happy you have your job. i know you are a blessing in whatever you do. FRC is blest to have you as the receptionist!!!!
Maybe one day we can get together. :)

Her said...

You are a really good receptionist, I LOVE the way you came on board and took care of us, women....uh-hum...