Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ahh, what to blog about...

Lately, it has become difficult for me to update and keep track with my blog. I find myself writing nothing for a week and then come back and write like a book! The weekend has been incredible. Heredes, my sis, and I went to our friends Kenny and Amy's wedding. It was beautiful. The food was AMAZING! And if you know me, I love, love food. I wanted to put pictures, but I think I will add them to Picasa.

Today, OMG, Doral had to have hit it's highest attendance mark. We had two great services. Pastor Troy is such a great teacher. We had 26 kids in the 11 am service alone. That is ALOT! I have some pics of our beautiful, umbrella room. After the services, we had our Thanksgiving Lunch. There was so much food. Grecy and her team are so good at organizing. Great job everyone! There was a bounce house and a cotton candy machine. Good request Pastor Igor. I have some pics of that too. I think I made more parents laugh at me then have them enjoy the cotton candy. It was all over me. We had three of our friends join us today for church. Our friend David who has been coming consistently and our friends Veronica and Fernando, which was really nice to hang out with them and see how they were doing. I think Doral hit like 380. I don't know, I have to ask Heredes for the accurate count.

Now, I really have been wanting to POST about this very special person in my life- my DAD. This past week Heredes and I finally had the chance to go visit him at his new store. His moped/scooters, etc. store moved into a new location. Though it was a rough start, God is sooo in control and I am not doubting that. My father is such an amazing I write this I am about to sob. You guys don't understand how precious my family is to me and it sucks that many times I can't see them because of this thing we call life. I can't even imagine how my husband feels with his family being in Brazil or my parents and their family in Venezuela and Peru. But I just wanted to recognize my dad in this post because I am SO STINKIN' PROUD OF HIM. He has always been there for my sport games, piano recitals, and I will always remember when he would take my sis and I to the park or the pool. Life isn't easy and I know my parents, my family, can attest to that, but what I have been seeing over the years is how God is really teaching us and my parents that at the end of the day God is ALL we need and He will always provide. That is a promise- He will never leave us nor forsake us. Aren't we more precious than the sparrows? OH God how grateful I am to you for the family I have and all the blessings I have. I love my DAD, my MOM, my SISTER, my BROTHER, my HUSBAND, my XENA. Daddy and my family I am praying for overflow of blessing for you guys. Daddy, thank you for your hard work and integrity and faithfulness to God and your family. Good things are coming your way, I believe that for my family here and in Brazil. Phew, I just had to express those words on this blog of mine. If those who read this and know my family, just keep them in your prayers and for Ciao Motos to flourish :)
Today or tomorrow, take the time to call your parents or loved ones and tell them how much you love them!


Tia Maria said... have a very loving and giving family. The tios and the prima(Seleckys)have always loved hanging out with you all. We have such great memories of the many good times we have spent together. I have no doubt that God is going to pour blessings on your family. Loved what you wrote about your dad and I'm glad that you were able to spend time with him at his business. Love you both...Tia Maria

Vicky A. said...

very touching Marcy..... You have such an awesome family. God will totally bless and open up doors for your Dad's business that he never imagined. When you have God at the center of your life and family, amazing things always happen.

Jescel said...

Amen, Marcy... every time we spend with our family is precious. And yes, it sucks bigtime when one is away from the family. YOu are so blessed to have a godly family.

Pris said...

Hey chula! I'm back...let's go do our hair!!!

Tiffer said...

im glad you have a good family, actually a little jealous. i dont know my dad's side and my moms side doesn't care that much about me-apart from her parents.

Katrina said...

I love the Mezas! :) God bless you.

Mami said...

Marcie Darcie,

I am behind reading your posts because of the busy life we are embarqued on... But thank you Beba for giving honor to your Dad, as you said he is always besides you. Including as your assistant when you first started teaching Sunday School at 13-years old (Vineyard). I am glad you kept teaching...and allowing God to use you with the little kids.

Taking advantage of your blog for free advertisement. Here is your dad's business information to pass it around:
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We are victorious, because He is our Victory!


Carlos said...

I confirm. I was there when you guys played soccer. He was there. CHEA!