Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to School...

Today I started my Summer A class at FIU- Figure Drawing II. I left class very excited and glad I am back. I am almost done with my degree, which is Art Education. Unfortunately, graduation will only happen if I pass my GK math test. I hate that test. I passed everything else last year and I am on my third try- maybe my fourth if I don't pass it again. This is really hard for me to share because to a point it's a bit embarrassing, but to another extent I am just being honest and showing you a bit of my skin.
My prayer is that I would stay excited as I continue to learn to draw the HUMAN FIGURE. My teacher is great. She's a little bit all over the place but she is super nice and she remembers me. She remembers me dropping this class two semesters ago due to scheduling, she remembers me from 2 years or more ago when I took her for drawing 1 and 2. That just speaks a lot to me and it was really encouraging. She was bumbed that I told her I had switched to education, because she said she had a lot of stuff she wanted to show me and she wanted to work with me.
Instead of thinking to myself that I have wasted all these years and feel sorry for myself, I am praying that I can make the most of it and remember that graduation day will come and that learning never ends.


OhChanti said...

awesome post.

never stop learning or challenging yourself.

you are very talented, i'm happy this professor didn't hold back in expressing that to you.
love you.

steph said...

Way to go, Marcy! I'll be praying for you as you prepare to take that Math test. You are an amazing woman, and I am so glad God brought you & Heredes to Flamingo!

Vicky A. said...

Marcy...You will pass that stinky test. I am available to help you with the Math just let me know :).
You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news!you are a talented artist, believe me it is in your blood (las abuelas) and the best the Lord gave you that gift.
Please think of a family portrait for your next project....

Anddd about the test, you can do it. Take some tutoring with Vicky A.
Thanks Vicky