Wednesday, April 30, 2008

26th Anniversary...

Today, after a lovely reminder from my mother, is my parents 26th anniversary!!  Here is a picture from their wedding and a recent picture of them now.  I love my parents and just want to say thank you for your example of a committed couple to marriage and to the Lord.  Keep "keeping the Bed hott"!! :)  

And wanted to wish our friend David Uribe a happy birthday as well.


Anonymous said...

Marcy,felicidades a sus padres,que puedan seguir desfrutando la vida a dos ,que vale la maravillosa...Dios les bendiga grandemente e que les prospere en todo..
Los queremos muchisssssssimmmmo
Jamil,Elzeli,Higor e Sarh

Anonymous said...

digo Sarah

Jescel said...

marcy, you are blessed with such godly parents. truly, there's so much to thank the Lord for them! happy 26th wedding anniversary to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh! I didn't know you post this with pictures and everything.
Thank you dauta! you are the best and thank you and Hara for last night's dinner and gift.
We are still the same, always calling the fire department!!!!

Thank you to the well missed Ribeiro Family and Dzubay Couple. We love you and miss you too.

Indeed life is good...but I feel like saying: Maranatha! Hope He comes soon...

Silvia and Alex

OhChanti said...

hottest couple imported from south america.

amen for our parents - look at those killa' smiles.

<333 many more years of happiness

Vicky A. said...

They are quite a good-looking couple.

Happy Anniversary and thank you for the love you have shown my family.

We are blest to know you!!!

We love you both,
Los Aguirres