Friday, November 14, 2008

Dedicated to the Logans...

A couple of years back I was introduced to the author Francine Rivers. The first book I read by her was "Redeeming Love". I could not put it down. On one of my birthdays, my friend Holly Logan saw that I had her book and she too agreed that her books are amazing. She bought me two books from Rivers' "The Mark of the Lion" series. [I don't have the third one yet] I was very grateful and nicely placed them on my book shelf for when I was ready to read them.
Well time passed and I came across Rivers' "Lineage of Grace" mini books about the women in Christ's lineage. I bought "Bathsheba". I loved it. Words can't explain what her books do to me. When done, I went back to the Family Bookstore and could not find the other four.
Now, two months ago I picked up the book that Holly bought me, "A Voice in the Wind". OMG!!! It totally sucked me in. Amazing- so amazing that when I finished it I picked up the second one, "An Echo in the Darkness". And another added bonus was that my co-worker Jenn, who also loves her books, happened to have all 5 books from the "Lineage of Grace" series. Woot Woot!
This post has been in my heart for a couple of weeks and I wanted to say thank you to Holly and her family- first, for their friendship, second, for purchasing these books that really have done something inside of me that I am so grateful for, and lastly, for their awesome, pure hearts to serve Christ in South Africa. I love you guys- you are not forgotten or alone.

*Holly- you would love to see how I act when I read the books. Heredes laughs at me because first, he never sees me read and second, when I read these I am like in Lala Land.

Check out Francine Rivers, her books, & her story here. Do it! :)

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Holly L. said...

You are most welcomed my friend. Sorry it took you so long to get around to reading them. Rivers is an AMAZING writer. I have the lineage of grace with all the stories in one book. I'm still on Mary.
I know what you mean about LaLa Land. I cried, laughed and got so mad I threw the book! It really does suck you in.
Thanks for the kind words. You guys mean so much to us as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the books. The third one doesn't really fit in with the first two so much. Its more about the Gladiator (can't remember his name - that the sister was fond of). I remember being a little disappointed at it. Wish I had remembered Hadassah (sp)- its a beautiful name for a girl.