Monday, December 8, 2008

The Gift Revolution...

Yea- I'm a horrible blogger, but I'm back!  And I have a question, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO START THE GIFT REVOLUTION?  Oh, wait, you don't know what that is... It's simple: 

TGR is a global movement to inspire the world through acts of giving, because when a gift is given, whether big or small, it makes a world of difference. Person to Person, community to community, Country to Country, you can follow the journey and share your story here.

25 Days to Inspire the World- well we have 17 days and counting.  Listen to this: ALL 7 continents are representing and have started the revolution- YES even Antarctica.  ALL 50 states have begun, and I can't even tell you how many countries. Just take a look at the map on the site.

Next post: stories.  Go start the revolution!


Dave and Vicky said...

Check out our blog for two TGR events: The RUSH Doral and our West Kendall small group in your old neighborhood

Glowing 4 Him said...

Whoot-Whoot....Let's get on this Gift Revolution Train...Way to go Marcy...Love you girl..