Friday, December 12, 2008

TGR Stories...

As promised, here are some of the stories I have started with the gift revolution:
1: Key West/Road Trip:  Met a 5th grader at the port who fell in love with my funny christmas hat. I gave it to her with TGR card.  She hung out with us the whole night. 

2. Homestead/Road Trip: The team went to the Knausberry farm. We bought 5 dozen cinnamon rolls and we gave 1 out for free for the customers as they waited in line to place their orders. In the process, we also bought a couple of shakes for folks.  It was awesome to hear reactions like this: "Wow. Are you serious?  I've never received anything for free, especially not from a stranger."  and "You guys keep passing hope around!" 

3. Couple Saturdays ago: Heredes and I got gifted at Great Wraps!! 

4. Two Sundays ago: I was driving back to church and Heredes was behind me in his car. A gentleman was selling flowers on the street corner and the rain was coming. I called Heredes and asked him "Do we have an umbrella in your car." H- "yes" M- "Give it to the guy and a GR card please."  Done. He was a bit drier that afternoon.

5. At our All - Day Staff, I bought a $25.00 Shell gift card [11:30 pm] for the next person who would come to pay for gas.  I saw a gentleman go in, unfortunately I didn't see his reaction but the cashier lady gave me the thumbs up.  Hope he was blessed.

6. At All-Day Staff, our team blessed a family with $1500.00. We also gifted one of our pastors who was sick: HP!

This week I have a couple of stories, but those will be on another post.  Get rolling people. Start your Revolution and share your stories at and here as well.  


Kristel said...

You guys are doing some great things for people. I hope that all these people you are blessing attend your service and are blessed with the Gospel.

Keep it up!

Pris said...

Hugs from LA...
Love you ;)

Indy said...

Good stuff!

Deanna said...

Hi Marcy,
I promised myself that when I went on a journey to visit blogs that I would remember where the journey started. Alas, I can't remember whose blog I started from or maybe it was the Love Comes Softly link from my profile that started it.

I started bloghopping after dinner and I always seem to land in the most unexpected places. There are some blogs that command my attention and I stop to read the entire thing. I have to commend you and your husband for all the wonderful things that you are doing. I ventured over to The Gift Revolution and posted my own story. I had no idea that this existed. I guess I was meant to discover it through your sweet blog.

I would like to believe that if my husband and I had been able to have had children, that we would have liked our son or daughter to have been just like you. Your honest devotion to your faith is a beautiful thing to see. Most youngsters these days kind of forget about that part of their lives.

I would like to put your blog in my favorites list on my Timeless Things blog. Your blog is definately unique. Most of my blog faves are of the crafty nature but once in a while you just need a blog with a little bit of humanity. My own blog is of a vintage feel and I do have a lot of fun with it.

Please let me know if this is agreeable with you and please feel free to hop over to my blog so you can feel comfortable about being on my list of fave's.

Keep up the good works.
Deanna :)

Marcy said...

Hi ladies, thank you for commenting and visiting my on and off blog :P

kristel: always love to see what you and alex are up too.
Pris: I miss you!!! texting you last night and hearing back was so nice... praying for ya girl!!
indy: Your the bomb! I love you!
Deanna: OMG.. thank you for your lovely, encouraging comment. It truly surprised me and blew me away.. of course you can put my blog on your list.. and i will most definitely hop on over to yours...

God bless you guys!!!