Friday, January 9, 2009

I Love January...

Why? Well, I love January because so many that I love have a birthday in January. [Not that I don't love you if your birthday is not in January]

First, it was my brother's birthday on Wednesday. I posted- leave him a comment.

Today is baby Legend's 1st Birthday. His picture to the left. That's our student pastors- Scot and Holly- baby. They are a great couple.

It is also my youth pastor's, Mr. J, birthday today. He passed away on August 4, 2004. Today is his 33rd birthday. Katrina put up a video of him and the "band" when we played at Dade Christian. Yes, check it out here. You may find some familiar faces. Thank you MR. J for being a great youth pastor and so much more. I see the impact in my life, my husband's, and so many others.

Katrina thank you for always reminding us of his great love he had for us, the youth, and the lost. I love you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!! Thank you for being the first to show me a pastor's wife's heart. Katrina do you have a picture of him?? I don't have a digital one. Pass it along please :)

Some other great people to celebrate: My DAD!!! Pastor Ricky- tomorrow. Donna Hawley, my cousin Marcella, and me- on the same day. My cousin Mayaya. Oh my, way to many.

As I close: why not leave a message to Katrina letting her know we are celebrating Mr. J's day as he watches from above. Leave it here.


Daniel "CHIEF" Brigham said...

I love Mr. J!! =( Thanks Marcy for honoring him!! I know he meant so much to us. He is one of my Heroes, I thank him for helping me to be the person I am today!! I probably would have not touch a sound board if it wasn't for him. It amazes me to see all of us (You, Heredes, ME, Kenny, Higor, Sarah, Gerry, Chanti, Rey, and so many others) who either have grown in ministry or became leaders of a ministry. Josh truly impacted me. Anyways, someone has a birthday coming up!! =)

Holly L. said...

Josh was an inspiration, and his legacy in the Lord is how so many of you are now serving the Lord as well.
As for Jan birthdays - it's Kevin's on the 13th. I won't tell you how old. And happy to you too, I'll have to wait for Heredes' post to find out I guess :)

Kristel said...

Holy Cow!

I totally remember that day.
I'm pretty sure I was the one running the camera. Geez, what a horrible job I did. ;-)

Thanks for posting that.

Alison Riling said...

aww i miss mr. j so much! i still remember the 1st time i met him.. i remember our 1st conversation and everything.. =/

i saw the video. good memories! i miss him.

Anonymous said...

Mr. J was the reason I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. Mr.J was an amazing pastor !!! He showed me what dedication really means. I agree with Chief, Josh truly impacted me. Happy Birthday, Josh. I also have to agree with Marcy, Katrina, you are an incredible example of what a Christian wife should be. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Did you go the Dade Christian? I am asking because I did...and I never knew you did!

Deanna said...

Hi Marcy
I hope you and yours are doing great. Happy Birthday to all your loved ones.

I'm sure that Mr. J was a person of wonderful qualities and he must have been someone that had many people look up to him. So sorry for your loss.

Deanna :)

Jescel said...