Friday, October 16, 2009

The G Offering...

At the end of our series Heroes and Villains, every ministry participated in the G Offering? This was our Generosity offering campaign [for lack of better wording]. Here at Flamingo we have a heart for the LOST in this world. We have a huge God vision: 50 campuses, 100,000 people, and 150,000,000 budget. As we all know that to do a lot of things [and sometimes really big things] it takes the M word= money. None of us really like talking about it, or hearing about it. But we were all challenged to give an extra offering [aside from our tithe] to be a part of a bigger picture- to go beyond Me. It wasn't about equal giving, but equal SACRIFICE. Thank you to everyone who gave joyfully and sacrificially.

Well, our kids at FRC Kids Doral blew my mind away. Kids came in with jugs of pennies, $5.00 bills, envelopes with checks of $100.00,and plenty of change. Thank you for the parents that prayed together as a family and obeyed God's nudge and are taking the time to train their kids in an obedient and Godly manner. Our kids contributed almost $400.00 to the G Offering. Way to go FAMILIES!!! God will use everyone's sacrifice/obedience in big ways that we could not even begin to understand. HE is a good God. Our Provider. Our Everything!

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