Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recap Weekend & a Little More...

Just a quick recap of this past Sunday at Flamingo Road Church Kids Doral. We had record time for setup and tear down. Great job to all the Life Changers who made it possible!
My friend Gio is interning with us until the end of December as our Praise Team Coordinator. She had her first meeting this past Sunday with parents and kids. She recruited several parents to SERVE!!! How exciting!! I actually spoke to a mom today about it and she is so grateful for the blessing the Church has been to her and her family that she said she would serve wherever needed,not just in praise team. Praise the Lord! Love to see God use other people- Gio thank you!!!!
After church, we had our Life Development: Family Movie Day. Though not many families came, this time, God sent the right ones into our arms. Thank you to the Lema's for opening their incredible home of love for our families. There were some leadhers there ministering to other moms. It was off the charts. The kids made 3D glasses, home made mini pizzas, enjoyed plenty of sweets, played, and watched
The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.
Someone reminded me that it doesn't matter how many people we expect to come out to an "event", sometimes God just sends the right number of folks that need a Hug, Prayer, Encouragement or just some good ole', plain fun. Thank you Jesus for using us- with all our failures, tiredness, etc. Help me and others who have been entrusted with your Sheep to love them and lead them closer to You.
And as I close, FRC Kids Doral is having an Attendance and Friend Contest. At check in, we want our kids to fill out their name on a ticket and drop it in a box. For every visitor they bring, they can add another ticket. They have until November 8th to throw in as many tickets as possible to win the prize. The contest prize: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE book AND MAX the plush toy. So come and invite! That's all for today. Goodnight! ;)

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