Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday To You....

I would like to say Happy 21st Birthday to my sister Chantal Alexandra Meza. A.K.A.- Chanti. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I am going to blog and brag about my best friend, my sister. Many of you have seen the mynakedpastor UTube videos of my friend and her. Yes, that is my sister & no, that is not me. :) I can't believe she is 21! Man, life goes by fast.

My sister is the greatest person ever! She is soooo funny. I really think there isn't anyone who makes me laugh more than she does. She is my Mia Rudolph (SNL). She is in Texas this weekend. She is a hard worker. She works with my mom at Rowland Coffee Roasters...yup the wonderful people who make Cafe Pilon. (yum, nothing like Cuban coffee) She was in Vegas last week, got back on Tuesday and left on Thursday for Texas. She is doing a little marketing here and there & is at some music festival having a good time passing out coffee drinks. :) She is a full- time student & full-time worker. That alone is amazing.

I remember when we were younger, we would fight here and there. i think I have a picture of us with the same outfit (my mom found pleasure dressing us alike), my cabbage patch, & me pulling on her ear as we smile for the pic. I also remember having wrestling matches in our huge walk-in closet. Aww, good times, good times. I think when Heredes leaves to Indiana & Chicago I'll have to go over & have a wrestling match with the sis. I also remember me being so afraid of the dark. I think God healed me from that like at the age of But my sister was such a good sport at night. We use to have 3 beds in our room- our nanny's, my sister's, and mine. Of course, my bed had to be near the door (scary) and my sister's was in the middle. In the middle of the night, I would carry my sister out from her bed and place her on my bed and then I would sleep in her bed thinking that I would be safe because I had her on one side and my nanny on the other. The when morning came she would wake up and realize that she was not in her own bed. Let me tell you, she always looks out for me, even if I was the biggest scardy cat of all.

I remember our No Doubt, Googoosdolls, Dc Talk , and Oc Supertones times. Rock the universe, pink hair, spikes, and hot green. Ha, making our own headbands and shirts. Playing in the band. Playing soccer together on the same team. Woot woot! Learning through hard, weird times & getting stronger. (hopefully :D ) You being the most beautiful Maid of Honor, driving, working, and owning a dog.

I LOVE YOU CHANTS. I can't express that enough. You are beautiful inside and out. You have a heart that is bigger than stupid drama. Thank you for being my best friend, my sister, the one who beats me at every card & board game. lol. I love you and don't you forget that! I'm so happy that you & the family are at FRC. So happy! And I love to see you serve and SING. Yay! Can't wait to hear you.

Chants, happy birthday once again and IIIIIIIIIIIIIII lOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUU!!!! May God continue blessing you with many more wonderful years, so He can continue using you for His glory! You are wonderful. Enjoy the pic. LOL


H B said...

!Happy birthday to ur sis!

OhChanti said...

you are the most amazing, precious sister/friend/person in the world. thank you for your sweet words and killer humor... if i could cry easily i'd be balling right now.. but since that's not the case i guess i'll settle for a closet-wrestling match.
thanks for being the most wonderful sister and for being just the way you are... i wouldnt ask for anyone better to be by my side to experience life with.

eternal hugs and kisses... all the way from Austing, TX <<< lame.

Jescel said...

you guys are so sweet. makes me wish i had a sister.. anyways, marcy -- Maya Rudolph is hilarious! LOL.. she's the daughter of Irene Cara (80's, Flashdance theme song singer) - just incase you didn't know ;oD

Jescel said...

and oh... happy birthday, Chanti!

Marcy said...

lol thanks , i didn't know that, pretty cool...see you at church...praying for your ya!

Holly said...

Happy birthday!!! Yeah, little sisters are a pain when you're a kid, but the closest friend you'll ever have as an adult!

Mom said...

Daughters you are a blessing, a precious gifts from Above.

Chanti, still can't digest that yesterday you were in my arms and now you are 21. My baby is an adult...but I am very proud of you and happy to see the wonderful young lady you have turned to be. I thank you for every step we have taken together, for the good times and the bad times; for the smiles and tears; for the long talks and for the silent moments too. Since you have born you are teaching me and God blessing me through you. Like the message yesterday, my vow to God is that "I do" love you for who you are. My desire is to see you always in His path, with your first priority: Him, our Lord Jesus Christ!
I am proud of your accomplishments, but remember that all is and comes from HIM. Happy Birthday my beba!

Marcy, Marcy, how much I enjoy reading your posts. You indeed are a wonderful daughter, a sister and a writer. Again, you made me cry. The way you describe your jorney with Chanti was a movie in my mind. Thank you for being so beautiful. I want to see the wrestling match too! And let me explain you, why a "took pleasure in dressing you both alike". Ready?
it was easy to choose same dress in a different size, and avoided a lot of conflict...especially jealousy or competition...You see what a practical mom you have..
I love you preciosas!

OhChanti said...

wow... my mom is the bomb... i think marce and mommy are having a "who can write better" competition :). Mamushqui... i just want to say this: Thank you for dressing marce and me alike, i enjoyed every umbrella-shaped dress you put on me.

te quiero mami como quiero el helado.. and that's love.

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful mother and lovely sister. (and let's not forget dad and gabo)

Stephanie said...

i love her too, and you! painting party anyone?