Friday, September 28, 2007

Are you Watching? Here are his notes:

Innovation can sometimes feel like being naked in a public place.


Traditional Ears listen to everyone.
Innovative Ears LIMIT who they listen to.

People have equal value but NOT equal priority.

If you listen to everyone you won’t hear anyone.

How do I determine who I listen to…

Do they BELIEVE in me?
Do they LOVE me?
Do they have MORE WISDOM than me?

Traditional Eyes broaden my focus and narrow my influence
Innovative Eyes narrow my focus while broadening my influence

Protecting the Vision
Producing the Product
Pushing Out the Values

Traditional hands work on today’s task
Innovative hands are executing for tomorrow

Today’s success or failure is the result of yesterday’s execution

Traditional Feet make the next step a big step to prove you love God.
Innovative Feet make the next step small because the goal is to love God.
Always thinking: What is the NEXT step?

Traditional thinking – God blesses a method.
Innovative thinking – God blesses a person.

Do you know who YOU are?

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