Monday, October 22, 2007

FRC Kid Volunteers & World....

Hey guys..I just uploaded my very first video..Filmed and edited by me...Whoo Hoo! This video is mainly for my volunteers who will be running the whole program on their own this weekend. My husband and I are going to be out for the weekend, so my volunteers are taking over and it's so exciting.
The video shows how we setup the room at Ronald Reagan High School and transform it into our kids church. Unfortunately, my camera was full and I didn't get to tape to much footage of the end result. But team hope it helps, and for everyone else out there who is doing church & kid's ministry in multi sites, I hope you enjoy it, get ideas, and if you have any IDEAS leave me a comment. I'd love to read them. There is still much to do in the world of kid's ministry at FRC, especially at Doral, but we have a great team who is always there reaching out to our kids. THANKYOU!!! So enjoy and have fun!!!

(The video is on the right hand side..just in case you missed it :) )


Vicky A. said...

Marcy.... you're like a pro. You're going to have give me some tutorials.... I have tons of video of my wedding and my kids that's unedited.

BTW: My kids love your chipmunk voice. They crack up every time they watch your videos
miss you..Vic :)

Tami said...

That was sooo good Marcy.... You did a great job!

I TRULY enjoyed spending time with you on Wednesday... hope we bump into eachother again around FRC!