Thursday, October 4, 2007

This is for you Sarinha....

This is my friend Sarah. Her family and her are Brazilian and are close friends of ours and my husband's family. They came over tonight to chat, drink coffe, and have cake. Sarah and I had alot of fun drawing and catching up on life. She likes to draw, loves to talk about how I'm nice and how she remembers Heredes and I back when we were boyfriend and girlfriend. She just said the cutest things. Thank you Sarah for making my night.

Of course, we had to visist And we wanted to share our art work. These are our beautiful Fairies. Created and named by US! It was a super fun night.

And I would like to wish my father in law- Jamil Ribeiro- a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you Pai! Muitas Felicidades! Um beijo!


rpeniche1 said...

Thanks for the pictures. I like going to your house, I had a funny night. I love you, so much!!! Tell Igor I said hi!!!And my mom and dad, said hi too.

Her said...

I keep checking for a new post, girl!

Ja1000 said...

Marcella muchas gracias
THank you...........obrigado
Luv U

The father in law.