Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Husband!!

Heredes turned 25 years old yesterday- October 13, 2007. I didn't get much time to post all week due to school and homework. Heredes had a very special day yesterday, because for the first time his wife surprised him!!! I was able to fool him into thinking that we were going to have a dinner for two, but he was totally wrong. I threw him a surprise party with a few friends that live near the west kendall area...Sorry friends from Broward- I know it would have been impossible for you guys to make it...but thank you Lilibeth and everyone else for cutting a cake for him at church.
My husband was soooo surprised, that I think he got a bit teary eyed. My mom and famiy did such a great sacrifice of love by cooking and making the party possible. Thank you everyone who made my husbands 25th year of life so special and meaningful. It was just so great!!!
Heredes- I love you handsome. I am happy God chose you for me, and me for you. You are my- ouglie bear, monkey, handsome and best friend. I am so honored to have you. I can't express in words how blessed I am. I am happy to do life with you. To serve God together, to laugh, cry, argue, eat, play raquet ball and beating is beautiful. And, I thank God for it!!! Besitos baby!!!! And remember (and it's a reminder for me too), that we have decided to drink from the cup, go through the things of life together- for God's refinement in our life- and that the BEST IS YET TO COME! ;)


Anne Marie said...

glad you got him. just outta curiosity... what happened to the cake there?

Marcy said... mom was trying to put it on some cake stand, and it sliped and i tried to rescue it but that little section got all over my

Marcy said...


Vicky A. said...

Awe...Marcy you made get all teary eyed. We love you guys. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I thank God everyday for such authentic, loving, caring, Godly friends like you and Heredes. I'm so happy that God brought us to the same church.
Not to mention that my kids love you and Uncle Monkey.

Vicky A. said...

you made me get all teary-eyed...typo