Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow..It's about time...

Life has been moving pretty quickly in the Ribeiro residence. I've been wanting to blog and catch everyone up on what's been going on with life, but everyday it just seems harder and harder. Today though, is the day that I WILL BLOG!!! I made my first comic life with pictures of events that have happened within the past three weeks.

First, our church just finished up The Domino Effect series. I had the privilege of making a prop for Pastor Troy's message- clay dominoes. The final pieces are not shown, but they came out very nice. (Sharon did a great job finishing up the paint job) Pastor Troy clamped them and then with a hammer would smash them; illustrating those things in our lives that need to be broken so we can move on and be healed and transfer that over to our future generations.

Second, we are now in our Love Sign- A Retro Christmas- series which kicked off this past weekend. The message was "Being a Love Sign to the Persecuted". Heredes, video team, & Pr. Troy flew to NY for a video shoot that was used as part of the teaching moment during the service. The message not only hit persecution as we would usually think of, the government overpowering the people, etc., but also in our daily lives. We are persecuted financially, spiritually, physically and in those moments of our persecution God's word says that our God is a Refuge. So, when you feel persecuted or overwhelmed, call out to God your/our/my Refuge. He is always a present help in trouble. Amen?!
The offices had a Christmas decorating contest last Monday. We were each to decorate our office with a Retro feel and include our ministry. Since I am the receptionist, my tree is a supply room Christmas tree- with pens, mini tape dispensers, etc. We had a 4 way tie- and I was one of the winners. I was very excited. The pictures of Heredes and I was a project I did with some of the staff people in the office. I took their pics and then added them as part of my room.

Third, there were weddings in the month of November. We had four in total, of which we could only make three. Our friends Kenny & Amy got married about three weeks ago. They had a lovely beach wedding and a wonderful, gorgeous, umm, delicious reception. :) Then my cousin got married two weeks ago and that was another beautiful wedding. It was some busy weekends getting ready and dressing up. My sister was my date for most of time, which I never complain. Our friend Tammy got to join us as well, and Tammy thank you soooo much for my makeup and hair and for making me laugh soooo much.

Lastly, I never got to post about Thanksgiving. Last year I baked an apple pie, pumpkin tart, and mashed potato all from scratch. This year I told myself I would keep it simple. I baked the same pumpkin tart and this time it was much easier. Then, I decided to make Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a maple and sage sauce. OMG, I was tired. Dough is never easy, but it is my goal to perfect it- one day. At the end of the day, I felt really frustrated that they looked funky and that they wouldn't taste good, but thank the Lord they were a hit. Usually for thanksgiving, we have friends and family come over, we pray, share, and sing. This year we prayed and then ate. I know it may be horrible, but I had fun meeting some new people and seeing people just talking and getting to know each other a bit more. I was just really thankful for my husband, family, our new church, and those close special friends. Above all, I am just so thankful that I have a God that is real and really loves me. Jesus thank you.

Once again, this has become a long post and I will try to post more often so they are shorter. I am excited for the month of December. God has a lot in store of all of us and I can't wait to see the beautiful things that are going to happen.


Holly L. said...

Yes post more often!! :) Busy life, it always seems busy no matter what stage you're at. Will we ever get to sample any of your tasty creations???

Marcy said...

omg...i know ..we are so sorry...well heredes says he is cleaning the house maybe one of these days we could have you guys and the auirre's over :)

Silvia A. said...

I love this post. I see you part-time at the Food Networking....but still full time at FRC!
Your pictures are great...

Ah! i got a personal email...finally!