Thursday, December 27, 2007

Part 1 of 2

I am following after my friend's, Vicky, footsteps in adding many posts in one day.  This post is a recap of our Christmas services- especially the kids at Doral.  We had 35 awesome services in total, 11 at Cooper City and 3 at Doral.  Over 1300 decisions for Christ, of which 16 were kid decisions at Doral.  The service ranged from great praise and worship, with hip hop dancers, touching videos, and a simple, to the point salvation message by Pastor Troy.  The kids ministry had a fantastic Winter Wonderland and Christmas service. Cooper City's courtyard lit up with lights, giant inflatable's, karaoke, and more.  It was fun.  The best thing of all is the fact that FRC is one church where you are- so, a Winter Wonderland where you are.  Doral, Sawgrass, and Hallandale all created their Winter Wonderland at a High School, Movie Theatre, and a renovating church building.  Yes, it was hard work, but I heard fantastic stuff about each campus.  I have placed some pics of what ours looked like, though it looked way nicer in person.  There was cookie decorating, a snow machine, a bounce house, a chocolate fountain, arts and crafts, a family photo station, and face painting. (Doral)  The team of volunteers were just amazing. Thank you everyone for stepping up and making that Sunday a possibility and allowing God to use you through the giving of your time not for me or anybody else but for Christ and those who need Him.  My kids team also did a terrific job during the kid's service, making sure the gospel was preached and allowing the Spirit to move in the hearts of our kids.  It was a long Christmas at FRC, my body felt it afterwards but it was SOOOO totally worth every second of it.  Praise God because He is so good and so real and I am so unworthy, but thank you for calling me Yours.
As an end to this post, just wanted to say how nice it was to end monday night with my family eating and opening gifts and just being together.  I love you mom, dad, chants, gabo, and xena.  And of course my husband and all my family in Peru, Venezuela and Brazil.  

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OhChanti said...

you are amazing... i hope you know that.

winter wonderland was great, keep reaching out to those kids... one day they'll grow up to love the Lord and serve as you are serving them.