Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long Weekend Recap...

So, a whole week of not blogging- wow! This is why my posts tend to be lengthy. Heredes and I had a nice long weekend. Saturday I was able to clean a bit, get all mentally disfunctional (no need to explain), went to church, and then met up with my sister and Johanna and their friends for ice cream and some wii, while Heredes had a meeting. It was a fun night.
Sunday we had church and our kid's ministry at Doral had their first Jump Start class. Jump Start is where kids go with their family to know more about salvation and baptism, etc. We had three families join us and Sara, Mayla, and myself taught the class. My volunteers did an incredible job. I think we will be having one child get baptized for sure next week. It was so exciting. How cool is that, that families can be in the same room and parents are there guiding their kids to the most important decision ever.
After church, we had lunch and for that story you can check out my husband, Heredes', blog. Our first Broward County friends came over- Jenn and Matt Miller- later that night to watch the finale of The Amazing Race. It was a great ending- a super close race- but TK and Rachel won. Whoo hoo! Then we finished watching the football game- yeehaw!! :)
Monday was our day off due to Martin Luther King's holiday. It is always so nice to stay home. Finished cleaning some more, spoke with Brazil, had breakfast, and I got to play some Legend of Zelda thanks to Matt M. I am doing really good. Later that day we hooked up with our friends Pr. Dave and Adriana. We ate some organic food, drank starbucks, and watched Atonement. I really, really liked the movie. I give it a 4 1/2 stars. Very creative, unsuspecting ending. I can't wait to read the book. Well, Tuesday is here- it feels like Monday- but work is good. Going to have lunch with hubby and my friend Ana.
Oh, and I'd like to welcome my mom, dad, and Gabo back from Orlando. Glad you guys had fun and didn't get caught by the cops! lol!


Heredes said...

Organic Food + a new vocabulary word .....hehehe good times :)

Stacie said...

WOW you guys had an eventful weekend. Life's good! :D

OhChanti said...

haha .. the ending was just fantastic.

our mom is a "Delincuente".

silvia A said...

Hey, hey,hey un poquito de respeto..
"is" is a big word, "almost" is the perfect word.
Keep the secret!!!