Friday, January 4, 2008

America's Top 25 Most Innovative Churches of 2008

Our Executive Pastor, Raul Palacios, sent the staff an email on an article by Outreach Magazine on the Most Innovative Churches of 2008. (25 were listed- there are probably many more) It is exciting to see some of the top churches in the country make the list, but the most exciting is seeing Flamingo Road Church listed as number 4!!! We were also on the 100 Largest Churches in America list for '07. It is a blessing to be part of a church, that is not perfect, but passionate to partner with people to reach their GOD potential. Heredes and I have only been at FRC since Easter and it is were we call home. (For this season, but I hope it's a long season) I love our church and I love what God is doing here and around our communities because people are willing to humble themselves, learn, and reach. So, check out the list and the other great churches listed on it.


Pierson '90 said...

"It was the glory of this great man, that he (Jonathan Edwards) had no love for innovation…. To the Scriptures he yielded the most profound reverence and the most implicit confidence."
--Timothy Dwight, president of Yale, 1795

Kristel said...

I keep hearing and seeing "God potential" everywhere. Is that the FRC catch phrase or something? ;-)
Congrats on making the list. Perhaps Alex and I will be able to visit one of these days.

Marcy said...

yes ma''s our mission statement: partnering with people to reach their God potential. And thank you. You guys are always welcomed to come and check it out. Hope you guys are doing well.