Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've been sick..

I have been sick for 10 days now.  What started off as "I think it's allergies" turned out to be a really bad cold/sinus infection.  That is my diagnostic.  Heredes and I were able to go to Orlando with the Gramlings for a day for some work, and my cold got soooo bad.  I was in bed for a whole day (that actually felt good) and missed a couple of days of work.  On Saturday, after a wonderful time at our friends Ivan and Lizbet's baby shower, I had had enough.  I called my friend Vicky Aguirre for a special product she had been using.  Sinucleanse- Netipot.  Ummm, can I just say AMAZING and FUN.  If you are ever sick with nasty mucous, buy this.  You put water and their salt powder in the Netipot and then you stick the Netipot inside one of your nostrils and tilt.  The salt water goes down one nostril and out comes the gunk out from the other nostril.  Yes, my sister did take pictures of this memorable experience- but I haven't uploaded the pics yet and I rather show you a picture of the product.  
I am grateful that this infection is finally going away.  I still have a small bit of congestion, but I'm going to run now to the bathroom and get my sinus' cleansed.  
By the way: I MISS MY HUSBAND.  But it's good to be with my family.  


Heredes... said...


I'll be home soon ...

-Nurse Heredes

Anonymous said...

Oi Marcella,que bueno que te sientes mejor,estamos orando por ti....que Dios te bendiga...e que sigas mejorando...Saludos a tu familia...Este domingo vino a la iglesia de nosostros um muchacho peruano que es casado com una brasilena e tienem tres hijos....hablamos tanto de comida peruana..a el le encanta cocinar,asi que seguro vamos a comer um "lomo salteado" no se se es asi que se escribe...el senhor llego un poquito con pena..quando le hable con mi malo espanol..e le conte que la mama de mi nuera es peruana..empezo a hablar tanto que parece que nos conociamos de tiempo..bueno dijo que domingo regressa...Bueno ya casi escribo una carta...Besos,te queremos mucho..e Hasta pronto...estimo sus mejoras

OhChanti said...

you have never looked more beautiful then when that pot was up your nostril.


seriously, the most amazing thing i've ever seen.
-can i watch you cleanse your mucus tonight? it'll be our little date. haha

Marcy said...

Thank you nurse Heredes! I can't wait for you to come home.

Elzeli, obrigado por tu notita. Si lomo saltado...que rico.. creo que le voy a decir a mi mami si podemos ir a comer aji de gallina... al pastor troy tambien le encata la comida peruana- el ceviche... les quiero mucho, y pronto estaremos ahi para comer feijaoda..

and sister...fo sho we will have our date...lol

Amanda said...

boo, marcy. feel better :/

thank you for your comment. it encouraged me that i'm not alone :)

Anonymous said...

where can I buy it. Well, I hope you feel better.

Alison Riling said...

awww..i hope u feel better mossy. i love u

when u get better let me know about planning a day to hang.. i miss u guys so much

love u

Marcy said...

hey tats.....walgreens or cvs.... hope you guys are good...guess ill see you at the wedding

yea alison for sure.. let me know if you have any ideas of places to hang.... love you

Jescel said...

glad to hear you feel much better... i thought i was going to be sick too, but i guess my immune system has fought it off.. thank god!

Vicky A. said...

Everyone needs a Netipot in their lives. Your head feels so clear. If you haven't tried it, you have to..

Logans said...

hope you're feeling better soon. that's the worst feeling ever, esp. when hubby's not home to take care of you! And Heredes, its Doctor not Nurse!