Monday, August 18, 2008

Extreme Week Rocked!!...

I've been away from the face of blog world because we had our Extreme Week camp last week.  Can I say T-Y-R-I-N-G but so W-O-R-T-H it!  There were about 24 kids and a little more than 25 volunteers.  There were volunteers serving in the kitchen making wonderful snacks, to tech & lighting team, the worship band, small group leaders, check in and resource table team, rec team, and awesome teaching team.  I cannot say thank you enough for everyone who made it possible.  The kid's team was there and a lot of other new faces were involved as well. In the process we were able to add a new team member to the FRC Kid's team at Doral.  
The kids had a blast as they Journeyed to the Deep.  [Deep standing for:  Decision, Equipment, Environment and Potential- the topics our kids learned about]  Each night after the teaching our kids had a theme night: team night, water night, messy night, and family night.  We closed the night off with a black light puppet show for the kids and family.  My friend ministers with her team through puppetry.  Each child and parent received a glow in the dark necklace and the message behind the puppet show, of Christ's love for us through the cross, was just awesome.  
I only have a few pictures and a snip bit video of our praise time.  Again, I can't say thank you enough for everyone who participated, every parent that trusted us, and for God to give us that opportunity to serve.  


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OhChanti said...

Such a great week...

glad I was able to be a part of it.