Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation OVER....

Heredes and I had a phenomenal time on vacation.  Marco Island was chill and relaxing.  We tanned, sat on the shore of the beach, walked and ran on the beach, watched movies, read, and just enjoyed doing absolutely nothing.  
After we came back, we enjoyed celebrating my cousin's wife's birthday at Cheesecake Factory.  Saturday we attended a friends farewell party and then headed downtown to watch Slava's Snow Show. It was so fun! Great ideas for children's ministry.   After, we chilled at JohnMartin's Irish Pub, listening to live music and eating. [French Onion soup is my new obsession]  
Today we visited CF West Kendall- good stuff!!  After lunch, Heredes surprised me with a 1 hour massage.  Ahhh incredible.  Stopped by to visit my wonderful parents and then went home to clean, clean, clean.  It's midnight and vacation is over, but the fun keeps going as we start work and serving again.  Enjoy the pics!


Smilingsal said...

You two sure know how to enjoy life.
Come see what I've been doing.

Indy said...

Sounds "fabulous"...I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. =)

Alison Riling said...

u guys r awesomeeee. i love u :)

The Stemmers said...

Hey - You are back - we are back - lets get together PLEASE!!!
Love You!!!!
PS - I actually updates my blog.