Thursday, July 9, 2009

Being Robbed Stinks...

Man, if you haven't joined our Bloggers Book Study I am telling you, you are missing out on some really great growing tools. Jump on over to Pastor Lilibeth's blog and read her chapter review. Really great stuff!

Last night, Heredes and I arrived home around 7:30ish to find out our house had been broken into. The burglars went through our bedroom. They stole: our flat screen TV, Wii with games, DVD player, a guitar, two Minolta cameras, some of my jewelry, my broken iPhone, a shuffle [a kid left at church, boo], Heredes MVP watch, a laptop and a mini mac.

I'm glad the burglars had a sweet time shuffling through our house. Hope they meet Jesus one day- cause Heredes and I, well we forgive you guys. I'm so grateful God really places His peace in our hearts. I was reminded last night [I controlled my anger & tears very well] that all this stuff is just STUFF. We live in a fallen world. And no matter what God will supply ALL our needs. Thank you Jesus for your protection- that is all I care about.

Heredes- so courageous- invited the four cops to FRC. And I was able to bake cookies with a thank you card and Flamingo invite for our neighbors. Praying for a relationship here- who knows maybe we'll have a Parilla cook off- Brazil vs. Argentina.

Just a reminder that all this material stuff doesn't fulfill. It is just Stuff. And God works everything for GOOD for those who Love HIM!!!


lili said...

im so grateful SO GRATEFUL you guys were NOT HOME. EVerything there was replaceable. YOU GUYS ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LadybugJung said...

I agree w/ lilibeth...and SO MANY others! YOU GUYS ARE NOT REPLACEABLE! How awesome you guys made some connections with your neighbors and the cops :) Only God can take the crazy things that happen and turn them to good. May He bless you for your faith and reliance on Him and His perfect providance.

Kristel said...

Thanks for that reminder.
When I first heard you were robbed I just thought, "If that were me I would be so upset!!"
I hope that if I ever do find myself in that situation I will respond in a godly way as you have.
God bless you guys!

LeadHership: said...

One time I heard a pastor say that he's done a lot of funerals and he's never seen a casket w/ a U-haul tied to it. I laughed, but also let that sink in and stew 4 a while. The bible talks 'bout this. You came frm dust, you shall return 2 dust. It's not about what we have. It's about who we are. And u r amazing and God's doing great things thru u--even in the midst of trial.

Rey De Armas said...

WOW! I'm so sorry to hear about your news. When your husband and I spoke today, I had no idea. It's good to know that God is working through you guys despite the circumstances. You're an inspiration :D

Anonymous said...


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