Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just some Random Thoughts...

Did you know:
  • that last week my church, FLAMINGO ROAD CHURCH, baptized 333 people.
  • 2 out of those 333 were two girls from FRC Kids Doral. Congratulations Mia & Casey!!!! [2 & 3 grade]
  • The team at FRC Kids Doral set a goal of 5 kid baptisms for 2009 [I'm not always good at setting goals. Not always sure what is good or not]. We have had 5 kids get baptized so far!!! It's been reached so we will passionately lead & serve for 5 more. ;)
  • Last week I realized how much I enjoy Disney better than Busch Gardens & all their parks. And not because of the rides, mostly because of the leadership. [& it is a little more magical]
  • FRC Doral Life Development will have a Orientation on July 23 [& 26]. Excited to see new faces, structure, and eternal change for our campus
  • Every Wednesday is Pixar Day at FRC at noon. Join us in the main auditorium, bring lunch in a creative lunch box, and meet some new leaders and life changers
  • You can join our BLOGGERS BOOK STUDY, if you haven't already. Click the link to see what you've missed and join me here tomorrow to read our next chapter.
  • FRC will be hosting the Leadership Summit on August 6 & 7. Get more information here and REALLY sign up!
  • I challenged myself & FRC Kids Doral team to pass out 10 invite cards this week so people can join us at one of our services at FRC [Doral]
Yea, these are my random thoughts. I hope they spark some encouragement; spark you to participate in something you haven't yet. Do you have any random thoughts you'd like to share? Come on, give it a try here.

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