Monday, February 18, 2008

Coconut Grove Arts Festival...

Today, Heredes and I woke up at 10:00 am (which I was really happy about) and drove to Coconut Grove for their 45th annual art festival.  We walked, held hands, observed, talked, and had a wonderful time.  I love date days with my husband.  There was a lot of great talent and I didn't get to capture all my favorite artists on camera- because it wasn't allowed- but there are a couple of pictures posted of what I liked and did get to capture.  There was great photography, water color, drawing/printmaking, painting, fiber, and metal/jewelry making art pieces.  The food looked awesome and there was live music.  
If you've checked out my husband's blog, you will see we have a special art project in the works. (When this will happen, I'm not sure)  And, I think we differ in taste of art because of Romero Britto- Heredes loves him, I'm indifferent.  But stay tuned for our future artwork(s).  
We ended the day eating at Cheesecake Factory. Yum, yum!


alison said...

aww i was sposed to go to that but since it rained in the morning..i guess we got kinda lazy.. lol.

hope ur doing good. let me know about hanging out or something soon. i def. want to!!!

i love u!!

Leelee said...

Marcy, love the pictures! the colors are excellent! Yep, continue having those quality dates with your hubby, they are great!
Love you