Friday, February 29, 2008

Just a quick thought...

My husband and I were driving to work yesterday morning and I saw something on the Turnpike that made me content. So, I thought why not write a list of the little things in life that make me content. Here goes.

1. Driving and seeing something just floating in the air. Ex. A publix trash bag or white piece of paper. (That's what I saw yesterday morning.)
2. Having my husband back in my arms after a long trip.
3. Laying on or seeing gorgeous, luscious, green grass. Ireland or a golf course would do.
4. Watching the funniest "Kids say the darnedest Things" video with my sister in her bed. (I had too.)
5. Watching "Never Been Kissed" on a rainy day, in my pj's, with cereal and a blanket.
6. Listening to Hillsong in the car.
7. Having a God and I moment. Those are the best. Thank you Jesus.
8. Eating a home cooked meal at my parent's home with them and the hubby and seeing everyone just laugh and enjoy being FAMILY.
9. Looking up at the sky when it is pure blue- no clouds- and sunny with a hint of wind. Ahh satisfaction.
10. Listening to my husband speak to his family in Brazil.
11. Seeing birds sit on a dead tree or sitting on the electric posts.
12. Hearing the waves crash.
13. Completing a drawing.
14. Flamingo Road Church
15. The numbers 5, 15, 25.

Those are just a few. It is those little things that remind me God is good and He is great! He has given me more than I could ever dream of. He has blessed me.

What are the little things in your life that bring contentment, satisfaction, and gratefulness? Share it or write them down in a journal or somewhere and say thank you to God.


Anonymous said...

Milk chocolate...with nothing else, just the little bite size squares.
Potatoes in all its forms (baked, au gratin, mashed, roasted, french...)
Having my soon to be husband in my arms after a long trip. ;-)
Trees. I love trees.
Taking a really good photo.
Writing a looong journal entry.
Sitting in the park.
Swing sets.
Hugging my grandma.
Road trips.
Watching/Hearing Alex perform music...alone or with a band. I love it.
Laying in my bed after a long day and just listening to music from my iPod...on shuffle.
Watching movies with my girls...and laughing about silly things...
Hearing people speak in Spanish...the really good kind...not that Spanglish stuff. ;-)
Cracking my knuckles.

Good things, good things. God really is amazing. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cold wind on my face
Hearing my girls laugh
Seeing my girls play together
A good squeeze from the hubby
Eating a good, juicy hamburger
Hearing a really good song (this is subjective I know)
Making Kevin laugh hard (it's a hard thing believe it or not)
Reading a really good book (though that doesn't happen too often these days)
Chocolate - ANYTHING!
Carbs - bread, pasta. I love bread with butter and a little honey.
Trying something new
Going on an adventure.
Yes really green green grass and bright blue sky - it's like a perfect painting by God's hand.

God is good!!!

Heredes said...

Ok Linda ... best post ever ... I kindof cheated an added my variation of your list ... enjoy

muah -

1. I actually don't like floating things while I'm driving - ever since that coconut hit my windshield in highschool ... but i do like watching birds and their areal formations in the sky
2. Having my wife in my arms after a long trip.
3. Watching my Wife marcy laying on or seeing gorgeous, luscious, green grass.
4. Watching the funniest "Kids say the darnedest Things" video with my wife in bed.
5. Watching "That thing you do" on a rainy day, in my pj's, with cereal and a blanket.
6. Listening to Hillsong United in the car.
7. Having a God and I moment. Those are the best. Thank you Jesus.
8. Eating a home cooked meal at my in-law's home and seeing everyone just laugh and enjoy being FAMILY.
9. Looking up at the sky and seeing the sun rays cut through the clouds Ahh satisfaction.
10. Listening to my wife speak to my family in Brazil. Haha!
11. Seeing dead birds sit on a live tree or sitting on the electric posts about to die. Just kidding
12. Hearing the waves crash.
13. Writing a new song.
14. Flamingo Road Church
15. The numbers 50, 100, 150.

Marcy said...

Thanks kristel, holly, and heredes for posting..I enjoyed reading your stuff.

Baby...Ha!! That was good. I have to agree watching the rays of the sun cut through the clouds is one of my favorite things also.

Kristel... potatoes, potatoes...they are great. starting to enjoy reading a good book..

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

heredes...whos linda?

Kristy said...

1. Naps on afternoons when its breezy out and i leave my window open and can hear the curtains moving.
2. Nachos dripping with cheese
3. going out to eat with my parnets and laughing and talking about silly things
4. When the leaves change colors
5. Watching a movie in my sweat pants with snowy and my winnie the pooh comforter that i've had since i was 11.
6. The smell of baking cupcakes or cookies
7. Going to abuela and abuelo's house and just drinking cuban coffee.
8. Babies smiles
9. Interior decorating shows
10. Going to Cristina's house and just laughing for hours over dumb things with my girls.
11. Spending pig out weekends with Chanty.
12. Your hugs
13. Candles
14. painting my nails red
15. Thanksgiving with my family
16. Hugs
17. Cuddling with people
18. God Moments
19. Worship time
20. Laughing so hard i cry
21. Elderly affectionate couples
22. Playing board games
23. when the Mesa's and Selecky's and Ribiero's are together =)

I love you! and i love that God has put you in my life.God is soooo God!

Marcy said...

Thank you Kristy!!!!! I LOVE YOU TONS...

Anonymous Linda is beautiful in Spanish and that's what Heredes calls

Jescel said...

1. Being with my family.
2. Chocolate in any form.
3. The aroma of brewing. coffee...and drinking it.
4. Ice cream.
5. A tall cool drink and AC after being out in the sun.
6. Shoes, shoes, more shoes.
7. Being in my hubby's arms.
8. Long drives and good music.
9. A good nap.
10. Elevating your legs after. being on your feet for a long time.
11. Reading a good book in bed.
12. Rainshower scent of Glade Plug-Ins.
13. A long talk and good sharing with a girlfriend about God and life.
14. A plane taking-off.
15. Watching/observing people in the airport while waiting for my flight.
16. Making new friends.
17. Watching movies with the hubs.
18. Stretching exercise.
19. Dancing.
20. Cinnabon.
21. Laughing Out loud
22. Sunrise, sunset, rainbows
23. Being on a white sand beach on a secluded island
24. Learning a new language.
25. Blogging and reading blogs.
26. Travelling - experiencing other cultures than my own.
27. A good preaching.
28. A good worship.
29. A good cry.
30. Fresh bed linens.
31. Scrabble.
33. JESUS.

These are few of the things that I'm thankful to God for.. A filipina friend of mine blogged about the same thing.. cool.

OhChanti said...

I love you.

"he will come out of the movie, he will come out, he will come out and kick my <3"

thank you for being so wonderful, really.

Marcy said...

Thank you Jescel for sharing...i think this post got me excited..seeing everyone share and build community was great.. are truly wonderful...thanks for being my best friend. I love you sister soooo much!!! i hear your voice in what you typed...oolololol

Vicky A. said...

1. the laughter of my boys (all three)
2. kisses from my from boys
3. the words "Mommy you are so beautiful" and "I love you"
5. Feeling rested
6. watching movies in bed with my hubby
7. Just spending time with my hubby and matter if it's going to the grocery store.
8. My husband singing to me
9. My hubby making up really silly songs about our crazy life
10. talking to God while I drive all over town
11. my church family and friends

Tiffer said...

new borns cry
babies laugh
the sound of rain on a tin roof
playing in the rain
kissing in the rain
the smell of rain
a new jar of peanut butter
sleep past noon
heck, sleep.
acting..its my drug
playing the piano
going to church
making jewelry
taking nature pictures/pictures of object
making things in general
sometimes reading
writing poems
AIM w/my friends
going to parties
when everything goes my way
the sound of the ocean
the smell of a new car
taking a bubble bath
a perfect plan
a magical night
going places
meeting new people
good friendships
when someone you dont like moves away
living in a fantasy world
the atmospher of Starbucks
Starbucks fraps.
a brand new day
better yet, a brand new start
the human eye (it fascinates me)
listening to emo music
the Bible
BOYS!! hehe

Marcy said...

Thank you tiffer for sharing...i loved it!