Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Baby

Leave it to Heredes to always find the coolest things ever online. Thank you baby for your candy message, so I'm sending one back to you! You guys can try it out as well.

Happy Valentine's to my family and family in Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil. And to all my friends, co-workers, loved ones, etc. hope you have a great valentine's day filled with love from our Heavenly Father and those dear to you.


Heredes said...


Alison said...

u guys r the cutest..still my favorite couple ever! <3

Anonymous said...

Marce & Heredes,
thank you for spending Valentine's with us.

Mua! love you.

Lo de Obama is a hoax...


Pr Ja1000 said...

Thank you for love my son
Everyday I thank God for your life.