Sunday, June 8, 2008

Feeling a little Brazilian...

Friday night, after visiting the Martin's at the hospital, my husband took me out on a surprise date. He told me earlier in the week to make sure to mark off friday because he was taking me somewhere that would blow my mind. When we got there I was greeted by my sister, Vicky, and David U. The whole time I couldn't read the programs, look at the stage, etc. Mind you everyone around us spoke Portuguese and the whole day Heredes had me practicing my portuguese with the new Djavan cd. Hmmm- that was a hint. So, after having some Brazilians sitting behind us yell out Yea John Mayer- the real artist came out and yes, it was Djavan. I was so excited. Thank you to David Uribe for finding the concert date and thank you to my husband for the awesome surprise. It was nice to have a taste of Brazil. Here are some pics.

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Anonymous said...

Que lindo esposo,con la sorpresa!
Do you want tickets for Celia Cruz Musical next week on the 19th?
Let me know,
La suegra