Friday, June 13, 2008

Sirens and Sealions...

I had the privilege to be the mom and driver for the band Sirens and Sealions. What seemed to be a fun pastime (and joke according to my sis) is turning out to be something pretty serious. Who knows. On Wednesday, my sister's band, played at Churchill's at around 11:00 pm. They did so amazingly great! They played four songs. Check out NB Photography blog to see pics of the band and their work.
The band consists of: Johanna- Vox, song writer, canvas and egg shaker player. Chanti- Vox, bells, tamborine. Nick- Vox, acoustic guitar, harmonica. Marisol- Violin. Brian- Upright bass. and John (right?)- drums. Check out their myspace here for upcoming shows (PS 14 on July 5) and to hear their music. I just had to brag on my sis and her talented friends.


Miguel Umanzor said...

I love this band. Heredes showed me a preview of the single the other day, OMG. They are really really good.

Alison Riling said...

im glad chanti is doin good nd all..ive heard the music. its pretty sweet.

i wanted to go wednesday but i heard u had to be 18 & yea. =/

i'm happy sirens is coming along well..i hope my band could get a gig like that soon. =P

miss u! love u! <33

Kristy said...

sirens and sealions is the coolest band i know!
Hey i'm not a biased fan i promise!