Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick Recap...

Here is a quick recap of things that have been going on since my last post:
1. Went to a super beautiful, cool wedding this past Saturday. Congrats Alex and Kristel! Check out some of their wedding pics here.
2. FRC just finished It Matters series and starts Moods. Very excited about it! Welcome back Pr. Troy and family.
3. A special friend will be entering the world tomorrow around 8:30 am- Ethan Martin. Congrats Ivan and Lizbet!
4. School is almost done. I feel so frustrated, but I have two more weeks to get some creative juices flowing.
5. I think I have a special date with my husband & friends on Friday. I think it's because he is leaving me for a week again. :)
6. My friend Lashon is in town and I get to hang out with her next week before she leaves to Europe.
7. FRC had Beach Baptism this past Sunday with a concert and it rocked! Here are some pics that our friend took.
8. My grandfather's birthday is on friday and my grandma is doing better after her heavy duty chemo. Keep praying for her if you can.
9. The office gets free Jamba Juice on Tuesday thanks to Stacie Gonzalez.
10. Waiting for tomorrow's announcement on the free NY tickets to see Coldplay. I am really praying that we win.
11. We cleaned our room. We can walk around.
12. My sister's band finished recording "Thumpin of my Heart" last night. They are so goooodddd.
13. Ate chinese with my family yesterday. I love that!
14. Ovations went great on Friday. I am posting something separate about how that went.
15. And lastly, I updated my blog today and trying to give it a new look. Still under-construction.
Thanks for your patience and for visiting.  Had something exciting this past weekend or month?  Share it here


all day (allen d) said...

Great post and blog Marce! I like #9 best of all!

Alison Riling said...

i love the layout.. :)

glad to see u posting again.. u cant leave computer addicts like me waiting this long ;)

i love u! we HAVE to hang out.. when ur done with school..we NEED to make some time girl. i miss u and H..alot! <33

Amanda said...

so since i'm done with school, i have absolutely NO excuse to not clean my room. i've been cleanin out some stuff and i found some old pictures. brought back some good memories :)

Marcy said...

lol.. awesome guys.. thank you for sharing... Ill make sure Alan, that i save you a jamba juice- we have fiesty women in the office.

Alison.. yes we do need to hang out.. let me know when and where... i miss you guys too... love you girl!

Amanda- i can't believe you are a graduate.. it's like yesterday my sister and i had you girl all over our house for our sleepover... good times... hope to see you soon..

Anonymous said...

I like it. Maybe you can update you profile too, or are u Eterna 24?
Abuelo was very happy with your call for his 80th Birthday!
Abuela got her results today and she is strong enough to get her second chemo on Monday. Keep praying.
We are very happy to have you home again. Bon voyage to Hereditos!
Love you,