Sunday, September 21, 2008


hey "blogville"
Some updates: we have moved, but correction we are not fully unpacked. We're getting there.
It's a cute 2/1, with plenty of parking, and close to church. Praise the Lord!

Here is a pic of a purse from Peru that my abuelita Juanita gave me when I visited in the summer. I love it! Gracias!

We have moved to one service at Doral and today we had the whole kids team present and it was awesome. Here is a pic of the game we played. Our "Indiana jones'" had to eat monkey brains (oatmeal) that their partners fed them. They all won prizes: the messiest won wipes, the one who ate the most a box of monkey brains, and the stylist eaters hairspray. It was a great Sunday as we learned about knowledge and being a good influence.

For now that's it. Beach baptism September 28.


Dave and Vicky said...

Ahhh!! Love the cute boy in the middle.

stephgramling said...

So glad you guys got all moved! I'm so happy for
you :) Sounds like you all had a blast today at Doral in Children's Ministry...that's awesome! And, I love the purse! Very stylish :)

Indy said...

Love the purse!