Monday, September 22, 2008

National Stay at Home Week....

I'll still be going to work and leading strong, but I truly will enjoy staying home at night with Heredes watching all of our favorite and most awaited Fall shows. Here is our viewing list:

MONDAY: watch the 3- hour premier of HEROES starting @ 8:00 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [can someone TiVo it just in case?]
Tuesday: maybe catch a little of the Biggest Loser @ 8:00 pm
WEDNESDAY: Pushing Daisies @ 8:00 pm
THURSDAY: Kath & Kim @ 8:30 pm
THE OFFICE [OMG!!!! & Heather's bday] @ 9:00 pm
30 Rock [I think Heredes may want to check it out.] @ 9:30 pm
Friday: nothing
Saturday: nothing
SUNDAY: Ta Ta Ta Taaaaa!!!! THE AMAZING RACE @ 8:00 pm [can someone TiVo this one too? Millers?]

Okay, so I'm totally excited for Monday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. Hope you enjoy your "National Stay at Home Week."


Kristel said...

HEROES!!!! Yay!!!

Sketchism said...

Hey Marcy. Sounds like there will be plenty to watch now that the season is back.

[I would've emailed you this, but I don't know your email... The link to Heather's website is broken.]


Marcy said...

gracias dave... heather's link is fixed.