Tuesday, September 23, 2008

blog worthy...

       Look at how AWESOME God is.  I really had a crummy day yesterday.  Actually, there are to many days that I allow to become crummy.  I allow pride to step in, I allow insecurity to kick in, I allow a bad attitude to sneak in, and I allow myself to isolate myself from people-yabadabadaba.... 
      This morning I had a really good devotional.  Basically, it was talking about pride and taking every thought captive.  I asked God to help me pray about everything and for His help in learning how to discipline my thought life.  I prayed specifically for the phone call I was going to make to the doctor's office right after I finished my Q.T. [quiet time]  I asked that I would not assume that whoever was going to pick up was going to give me a bad attitude.  I asked that He would help me just be kind and loving as I made the phone call and drive down to South Miami.  
      Well, when I told Jesse about the referral I was going to pick up, she said she forgot to request it and that it was her fault.  She asked if I could come at 2:00 pm and I reminded her that I am in Broward now and it would be difficult to miss work.  She automatically apologized again and said she would FAX it!  What!?!?  Are you kidding me!?!? I was so grateful.   
      You may ask what the big deal is, here it is.  In the summer, it was the same person & doctor's office that wouldn't give me a referral to the cardiologist or neurologist & had pretty crummy attitudes.  AND they don't fax referrals to anyone.  They made that very clear.  But today, I believe God BLESSED me because I took a step of faith to pray for my attitude, to confess my wrong to Him, and be a light to them.  He delivered.  I don't  have to drive to South Miami & Jesse was so helpful & so willing to fix her forgetfulness.  I had to share this because when God does something great, even if it may seem small to many, my lips will proclaim His goodness.

Got something to share that may be similar.  Let me read it. Post it here.

"We are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5


Kristel said...

That's really awesome, Marcy.

Do you have a particular devotional that you're reading now?

Anonymous said...


ok...I have one...So I went to starbucks to study and do some school assignments and I always get the hot green tea (the baggy one). So I asked the guy who was attending me if he could charge me for the tea I was going to drink at the moment and for just an extra baggy so I can make one before work tomorrow morning...AND he gave it to me for FREE! FREE! who does that?...GOD IS GOOD! LOL

Silly but very appreciated!


Indy said...

Marcy, that is incredible and I am so proud of you! I always ask God to give me grace and wisdom when dealing with difficult people. =)

Someone else's mistake worked in your favor. Praise God for your diligence and that you chose to trust Him.

Love u, girl!

Anonymous said...

How nice! you see how God blessess when we humble ourselves!
Te quiere,


Anonymous said...

How nice! you see how God blessess when we humble ourselves!
Te quiere,


Dave and Vicky said...

A couple days ago..I was having a bad day...
I got to Western High late for my appointment, it was pouring, and there was no parking out front because of some meeting. So the security guard told me I had to park way far away in the student parking lot. Did I mention I had my rolling bag, my other work bad and sample yearbooks I had to get to the classroom in the rain? Anyway, that same security guard came out of the blue to me in his golf cart and gave me a ride to the office. That never happens ...
I was in major shock and must have thanked him a dozen times and I told everyone in the office about what he had done.
It made my day :)!!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Marcy,you are the woman who I was praying since as my son was born...I'm so glad and Thanks God who answer prayers.....
Sorry for my poor english
I can't explain with words how greatfull I feel..
Love you
Miss you
I hope to see you soon
God's first