Friday, September 5, 2008

Making Vision Stick...

I read this awesome and short book by Andy Stanley, Making Vision Stick, on my trip to Lima, Peru back in July. I have eagerly wanted to share my notes with you guys and since I haven't updated my blog in awhile, I thought this would make up for my inconsistency. :)

- Vision is about what could be and should be, but life is about right this minute.
- To make our vision stick the most important thing to remember is: I am responsible.

- It's the leaders responsibility to ensure that people understand and embrace the vision of the organization.

- 5 things to Increase adhesiveness:

1. State the Vision Simply:

- Easy to communicate

- Must be memorable
: "It is better to have a vision statement that is incomplete and memorable than to have on that is complete and forgettable."
2. Cast the Vision Convincingly:
- Communicate it in a way that moves people to action [The book of Nehemiah.]

a. Define the problem: -every vision is a solution to a problem - What's at stake issue that grabs
b. Offer a solution
c. Present a reason
- Why must we do this? Why must we do this Now?
3. Repeat the Vision Regularly

- Think of the most beneficial times to repeat vision. Vision should evoke emotion

4. Celebrate the vision systematically

- What's celebrated, is repeated. Stories, emails, notes, letters.

- "What happened last week that made you feel like you've made progress in your mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ?"

- Nothing gives definition to vision like pausing to celebrate a win.
5. Embrace the vision personally

- Live out the vision. People will see and it will catch on. It's liberating

- You begin to be an influential leader.

- communicate it honestly

- Vision Slippage Indicators: Projects, Products, Programs, Requests, Stories, Complaints

- DANGER: When there are no stories to tell, somethings wrong.

- It takes bold leadership to make vision stick!

- He ends with a great story of his son's baseball team and the coach.

- Remember we are in this world for so much more than fun activities. We are here to partner with people/students/kids to reach a personal relationship with Christ.

- "Pay the price. Embrace the vision. And do whatever it takes to make your vision stick!"

This is a great hour or so book read. I am not as disciplined as my incredible husband who is in the process of reading and listening to like five books, but I'm getting there. I really enjoyed this book and I am pushing to make our vision stick.


Anonymous said...

Buenazo, thank you for sharing..

Dave and Vicky said...

That is true for many aspects of life...parenting, workplace and church..

Love you guys...thank you for all your help

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