Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Team Work!

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was taking care of my friends baby. Well, I got to take care of both of her kids this week as well. I have been able to watch alot, alot of CARTOONS...Yay! Like the Backyardigans, Mickey's Clubhouse, Disney movies, and the Wonder Pets. (Those are the little fellows on the picture) They are my inspiration for this post.

You see, these little cute pets have a song that is so catchy...
."We’re not too big, And we’re not too strong, But when we work together, We’ve got the right stuff"...and..
"What's going to work- Team work, What's going to work- Team work." (just watch the show:)

I have started to help out in the kid's ministry at FRC Doral. I am learning alot about the importance of teamwork. It can become easy to be given a responsibility and keep it all to one's self. Reminds me of the passagae of the parable of the talents and the passage about the church being compared as one body, but with many parts. I've been getting to know my volunteers little by little and I am so grateful to serve with them. I am doing something that I feel so not prepared to do, but it's great to know that Christ has opened the door and if He wants me there, nothing is stopping His plan until He decides.

With any role of leadership, Christ has really been teaching me that whatever is given to me, to go ahead and pass it out, build teams, build other leaders, give it away. So, I just wanted to share and introduce to you the little "Wonder Pets" and how this pre-K show teaches us that we can do things, and do it better, with teamwork- a team on the same path and passion- in this case, our children who will be the next Jesus' followers, future leaders, and future hope. I am so excited!

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