Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Why Girls, Why???

Last night was the season finale of the Amazing Race All=Stars. Because of the heavy storm last night, Heredes and I watched it today because we have T.Vo. We practically missed all of the episode because of the storm, but we did have the ending. Unfortunatly, my favorite team, the beuty queens Dustin and Candice came in stinkin' SEcond place. I almost cried..They were so awesome. They really should have won. I am happy that Mirna and Charla didnt win though.. that would have been more depressing. I really love that show..One day Heredes and I will be traveling the world in this awesome competition. And we would totally win ...lol...Another great show is Heroes..Two more episodes before we find out how these heroes will save the world and who will finally kill Sylar. Can't wait!
Well, I am very excited to share that Heredes and I will be leaving on Wednesday morning to Orlando. We will be going to Epcot and enjoy the countries and the FOOD.. You guys know how i am with food. Yum!!! It will just be great. Nice time to be together and relax and take lots of pics. well, I am out...time for bed.

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Anne Marie said...

Yay for Marcy's blog. And I don't know why you wonder who will kill Sylar. It will, OF COURSE, be my hero... Hiro.