Saturday, May 12, 2007

We are back from Vacation

Since our honeymoon, Heredes and I have gone to Orlando at least once each year and we just got back on Friday from our 2007 Orlando trip. We left Wednesday morning- 6:00 am and got there around 10:00 something. Each time we go to Orlando, specifically Disney, I love it more and more. I am an amusement park fanatic. We did one park, Epcot, and wow did the Lord totally bless us. Let's just say we spent a grand total of 20 cents at Epcot. Awesome or what!!!! I mean, that includes our tickets and food. Everything!! 20 cents!! We started with the countries, since we missed that the last time we went. We ate at Germany. I was a bit worried about the food, but it totally rocked. We rode the rides and had dinner in Mexico and watched the beautiful fireworks. I mean, God even blessed us with the best seats in the whole park. With all the fires, the weather was up and down. It started off a bit smokey, then it was just gorgeous, and as we left the park we got rained on. lol. It was a great way to end the day....running in the rain with the one you love and finding our car.
On thursday we had a timeshare longggg and boringgg... We stayed at the Liki Tiki Village. It was cute. Later that night we went to Downtown Disney and fought our flesh not to go see Cirque Du Soleil's, La Nouba, again. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. Friday was our last day in Orlando. We did some shopping and ate at a Brazilian buffet. I'll tell you, it's hard going to Orlando for more than a day and only hit one park...I was so tempted to go to Islands of Adventure and Disney World...but hey, our trip was fabolous and can't complain. You can check some of our pics on my blog and on Heredes' blog. Thanks for reading :)


KristelFatima said...

20 cents, huh? How'd you pull that one off???

Anne Marie said...

slick timeshare tricksters...tis tis. well, looks like you had fun. i like the china pic! what did you eat in germany?

Marcy said...

we had mac and cheese lol....shnietzel(dont k now how to spell that) great potato salad, mac salad, beet salad, roast pork---omg delicious, oh this awesom leek and potato soup, oh the sausage, but i didnt like that....and i think that was it...and then i had apple struedel for dessert and heredes had a bavarian creme cheesecake which our whole table said was awesome....but since i dont eat cheesecake i wouldnt thats it in a nut shell lol....bye