Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hanging with my friends

I've been taking care of my buddies Jonathan and joshua. They are both being a little bit grouchy. But we have been having fun taking crazy pictures of our faces on photo booth. Here are some pics that I want to share with you guys. Jonathan starts school tomorrow. He is entering K-4. Read his mom's blog for more updates. And if she isn't updating, go remind her to do it.

I want to finish by saying, again, that my husband ROCKS my socks off. You are the best baby. Thank you for loving me. muah!

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silvia said...

I want to leave comments in Vicky's and Holly's blogs but I do not have an account.
Please pass this message to them:

Congrats to Vicky for all the blessings of this week.

Happy Birthday to Emily Logan on her big 3 yrs old