Monday, August 13, 2007

La, la, la ..Relaxin' & Chillin'...

Just finished putting away clothes, watching Shrek, and my most favorite chef/cook is on on the Food Network - Giada deLaurentis. I've been taking care of our friend's, David & Vicky Aguirre, kids. They are the cutest. You can see their picture on Heredes' blog. He took the camera with him, so I couldn't post their pic, but I will later. Our friends, Dave and Vick, are the Student Ministry leaders at our Doral campus and they are super great friends. Thank you guys for dinner last night and entrusting me with your children. I really enjoyed the drop off yesterday at my house :) And, thank you for dinner again tonight. Mahi-Mahi was delicious. And keep up with the blogging.

I had a great last week, great weekend, and it's been a great day today, so far. So thankful!!! Last Friday I got to hang out with two of the most wonderful, most beautiful women I know- which would be my sister Chanti & friend Kristy. They took the time to hang out with a free wife (Heredes was at Orlando). We watched "Becoming Jane". OMG how sad of a love story. The movie was good, hard to understand sometimes because the audio was so bad, but was good. When my sis finishes reading Jane Austen's novels, I think I will start. So, if you are a fan of the author or want to know a little about her life, go check it out.

Heredes got back Friday night and he had such a blessed time. Make sure you read his posts about the speakers at the Willow Creek conference. This is a good spot to give some "props" to my one and only Heredes. My man is just amazing. I'm like speechless of how great he is. I am a very blessed woman to have him as my husband. Trust me, I'm not always smiles. He is an innovator, imageneer, focused on his calling, lover of our God and people, and is everything I could ever need. He is so patient, so fashionable, and to cool to own a Blackberry. (lol) I get so excited when I see how God opens doors for him (us), his discipline, and love for life. Baby, I love you and I am yours FOREVER!!

Okay, now for those who know me, you know that I really enjoy to cook and bake. I have been in the mood to bake and cook all sorts of stuff. My inspiration has been- not all the cooking books I own- but this awesome, incredilbe magazine called Cooking Light. Here is the menu of things I was inspired to try.

On Tuesday night I grilled Salmon, made a nectarine glaze (which I didn't have nectarine jam or nectar, so I used real nectarines), and cooked up a spinach pilaf. I liked the outcome, even though next time it will come out better.

The same night, I made White Chocolate, strawberry (changed for craisins), & oatmeal cookies. Once I started blending the mixture I new this recipe was going to be SIMPLY DELICIOUS. Oh you guys, if you want the recipe I'll give it to you because it is great. I sent the cookies with Heredes to share with the peeps on the trip.

On Saturday, Heredes and I had a breakfast picnic at our pool. I love picnics. I made an egg frittata- the italian version to an omelet. This one came from my head. They are not that hard to make. I diced some tomatoes, added spinach, green peppers, turkey, egg whites (for my cholesterol), and topped it off with a slice of provolne cheese. And don't forget salt and pepper. It was gooood. We had that with some grapes and water. 'Tis was a nice morning.

Oh boy, for lunch I tried cooking with eggplant. It was this sandwich that you grill eggplant slices, purple onion, top it off with 2 slices of tomato, lettuce (I used spinach) and finally spread the breads with an aioli mayonaise. It was different, but very good. It was the first time I have ever cooked eggplant and second time I eat it. Might become one of my favorite veggies.

Lastly, last night I made these banana, walnut, oatmeal muffins. HMMM...Bam!...they were spectacular. Just got home actually from the Aguirre's house and I shared the muffins with them. So, what's next on my recipe list..I'm not sure...Maybe a Jerk chicken with mashed plantains...I'll keep you posted.

The Antology series at church is going GREAT! This weekend's service was incredible. Pastor Troy used the ant, of course, and bread to remind us that just like the ant gathers its grain for future ants to eat (they never eat it because an ants life span is 45-60 days), we are to gather our grains that will be prepared and left for the future generation to eat and live out! God has entrusted each one of us with talents to be used for HIS mission goal: to seek and save that which is lost. Not to be lazy, like the sluggard, and watch our talents disappear into our lazy boy chair. I had to ask myself what am I doing with what God has entrusted me with? Am I even thinking about the future generation that will carry God's name on High? Am I reaching my God potential today? I hope you can ask yourself those questions and answer them honestly and see how much bigger the real picture is. It was so great and I just have to say thank you Pastor Troy for your push on discipline and importance about finding our individual God potential.

Don't forget to click on the MyNakedPastor link and make sure to be part of it in September. It's going to rock! Until next time, goodnight!


Heredes said...

Wow ! Great writing baby ... thanks for the props ! YOU are the best ! Now can i have my iPhone ;)

Anonymous said...

everything inspirational...and challenging..

Anonymous said...

everything inspirational...and challenging..

LeadHership said...

Girl! I LOVE Cooking Light magazine and my fav dinner to make is salmon! We have alot in common!

Marcy said...

Thank you for your comments. Heather you know what that guys have to come over and eat at our house...but i guess we will wait till we move closer to broward.:)

Jescel said...

your blog make me salivate.. heheheh... i have so many cooking light mags from my subscriptions... i was a subscriber for a couple of years but I terminated it when I realized that i can get anything off from the internet :o) (I think Holly still subscribes) But yeah, cooking is so much fun!

Kristy said...

umm so when are u going to cook for me!!?!?!
i love u mossy! and ur blog is my favorite to read!
ps. ur forgot the part about ur friday night when you had to bail me out of the parking good times good times!