Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MyNakedPastor & other stuff

It's getting closer and closer: FRC's series is almost here. Now, we aren't talking about naked literally, but being AUTHENTIC and honest about who we are, what we go through, & how we deal with those things. Our Pastor Troy will be filmed live 24/7. (at least that's what i've heard) The topics are as follows: I get angry, I Fight, I'm insecure, I'm tired, & I'm tempted (my life).
The cool part about this series is the fact that the kids will be doing the same series & topics. Our creative kids team has been working very hard to come up with the curriculum and I must say the team is filled with fun, gasy (lol), creative people who love children & the ministry. It's going to rock. So, if you are at any campus, check out the adult service & pass by the kids and check out The Real LIfe of Isabella & Gianmarco: My life in a Fish bowl.

Before I head out, wanted to ask you guys to pray for our Peru team that leaves today. Pray for safety and that they can do exactly what God wants them to do . I wanted to give a big hug and shout out to my family/friends: Maria, Bob & Kristy Selecky. A whole family on a mission for Christ. Isn't that awesome. I love you guys. Bring


LeadHership said...

I'm taking my boys to Doral to meet this Isabelle and Gianmarco. Sounds like you guys are up to something muy coolio down there, man!

Kristy said...

oh i did mossy! a whole box for u and chanty! haha always looking out for u u!